HR at the Table: 2023 Year in Review

January 10, 2024 by Verified First

HR at the Table: 2023 Year in Review

As another year descends upon us, we want to take some time to reflect on the past year and how it changed the human resources landscape for the future. 2023 put HR and people leaders to the test, to say the least. Tightened budgets, wavering employee satisfaction, the continued talent shortage, and record layoffs put extreme pressure on HR teams. 

Nevertheless, you persisted. Organizations improved their DE&I commitments and initiatives, employee well-being became a forefront effort, and leaders embraced new technology and automation that strengthened their teams. 

HR at the Table by Verified First is a monthly panel-style webinar that explores relevant and engaging topics through various HR leaders, influencers, and role models. Each month, we bring in a new subject matter expert to connect with HR professionals nationwide, facilitate learning and discussion, and ultimately empower you to grow and manage your team. 

Let’s explore this past year through HR at the Table episodes to see what we’ve learned and what we can expect in 2024. 

State of Talent Acquisition Tech: 2023 Trends

Season 3, Episode 1

Speaker: Madeline Laurano | Founder of Aptitude Research

To kick 2023 off we addressed a hard-hitting topic that comes up each year: What is the best talent acquisition (TA) technology for my organization? Choosing the right TA technology can be challenging, and there are a lot of various factors HR teams need to consider before adopting tech. Is my current tech stack effective? How do I pick a good provider? What’s the ROI of my solutions? Not knowing this information can make it almost impossible to properly leverage TA technology. 

This episode of HR at the Table helped HR professionals better understand talent acquisition technology and trends for 2023. State of Talent Acquisition Tech: 2023 Trends focused on how organizations can evaluate their current HR technology and build a stronger tech stack that supports their current and future needs. 

Key Takeaways

  • The current state and future of TA technology
  • Where to start - strategies for evaluating your providers and solutions
  • How a TA tech roadmap can prepare you for your future 
  • The future of TA tech, including ATS, CRM, Assessments, Background Screening, AI tools, and Onboarding solutions

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The Forgotten “B Word” in the Office: Belonging

Season 3, Episode 2

Speaker: Gianna Driver, CHRO at Exabeam

With our second episode of the season, we moved right into organizational culture to discuss the often-forgotten part of DE&I: belonging. You know that a robust DE&I strategy is essential for successful teams. But it’s one thing to recruit and create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace — it’s another thing to make each person belong. 

Our speaker helped convey just how important belonging became in 2023, and how organizations could start focusing on the forgotten aspect of DE&I. This episode focused on improving employee well-being and team culture to build a dynamic, cohesive, and supportive workforce. 

Key Takeaways

  • How belonging can increase employee retention
  • What HR can do to advocate for employees’ mental health
  • Finding the balance of belonging for hybrid and remote employees
  • Proximity privilege and what to do about it

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Beyond Tech: A Deeper Dive Into HR Modernization

Season 3, Episode 3

Speaker: Chris Courneen, Global Head of HR at MSI

As we settled into the year, we also settled into some prevalent HR trends of 2023. The first trend we tackled was “HR Modernization” – an idea commonly discussed, but generally misunderstood. 

Chris Courneen, Global Head of HR at MSI, helped us unpack HR Modernization and why so few companies can truly put it into practice. From streamlining processes to leveraging technology and everything in between, we discussed how leaders can take advantage of HR modernization in their organizations. 

Key Takeaways

  • HR’s role in HR modernization
  • Expectations for HR teams embracing HR modernization
  • How and where to leverage technical advancements and solutions
  • When good, old-fashioned HR work is still best!

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Cultivate, Create, and Collaborate: How To Capture Institutional Knowledge

Season 3, Episode 4

Speaker: Elizabeth Boyd, Talent Development & Learning Owner at TalentLab

Did you know that the average U.S. enterprise wastes up to $4.5 million in productivity annually by failing to preserve and share knowledge? Institutional knowledge is extremely prevalent in an organization’s continued success, but can also be a daunting topic for HR professionals to manage. 

That’s why we hosted Elizabeth Boyd, Talent Development and Learning Owner at TalentLab, for the fourth episode of this season! Capturing institutional knowledge doesn’t have to be strenuous with the right knowledge management processes in place. 

Key Takeaways

  • Identifying institutional knowledge within your organization
  • Knowledge management processes and initiatives 
  • Creating a collaborative knowledge management culture

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Unlocking the Power of High-Performing Teams Through Diversity

Season 3, Episode 5

Speakers: Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu, Founder of GrowthQ, and Symphone’e Lindsey, Senior Director for HR at Twilio

Research has proven that building successful, high-performing teams requires diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) to achieve synergy. Yet, many departments still struggle to maximize their potential. 

Cultivating diversity in your organization requires ongoing commitment. For episode 5 of this season of HR at the Table, we hosted two keynote speakers, Esther Ayorinde-Iyamu, Founder of GrowthQ, and Symphone’e Lindsey, Senior Director for HR at Twilio, to discuss the role and impact diversity has on sustainable success in teams. 

Key Takeaways

  • Essential qualities of dynamic, high-performing teams
  • The role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in success
  • Unlocking your team's potential through diversity
  • Recent research on the success of diverse teams

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The Hidden Employee Experience: Facilitating Psychological Safety & Empathy

Season 3, Episode 6

Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Fairweather, CHRO at Jefferson County

This year HR professionals faced quiet quitting, The Great Resignation, and all types of other trendy fads and buzzwords to describe the same thing: dissatisfied employees. It was hard to jump back after the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers sought more opportunities, safer conditions, and better treatment. 

The solution? Psychological safety and empathy. We hosted Dr. Jennifer Fairweather, CHRO at Jefferson County, to explore building healthy workplaces by addressing the hidden employee experience, including the emotional and psychological needs of their organization

Key Takeaways

  • The post-pandemic hiring landscape 
  • Uncovering “hidden” employee needs
  • Navigating and resolving negative employee experiences

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HR's Balancing Act: Resilience & Self-Compassion

Season 3, Episode 7

Speaker: Stacie Baird, Chief People Officer at Community Medical Services

It’s hard to understand resilience and self-compassion in the same sentence. However, as far as leadership goes, the two are entirely dependent on one another. As we reached the halfway point of Season 3, we discussed the importance of HR’s ability to balance resilience and self-compassion, including their vital role in today’s dynamic workplace. 

Key Takeaways

  • The balance between resilience and self-compassion
  • Resilience and self-compassion in today’s work environment
  • Strategies for fostering resilience and self-compassion in your workplace

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How Culture Intelligence Drives Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Season 3, Episode 8

Speaker: Natasha Berry, Vice President of Human Resources at Smith & Nephew

Over the last few years, and in 2023 specifically, we saw a big shift in organizations prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This much-needed shift brought light to another essential people management component: culture intelligence

We hosted Natasha Berry, Vice President of Human Resources at Smith & Nephew, to discuss the importance of building and sustaining culturally intelligent and diverse teams. We explored how to create a culture that embraces, encourages, and appreciates diverse cultures, people, and passions that challenge company leaders today. 

Key Takeaways

  • Why culture intelligence matters in the workplace
  • Defining culture intelligence for your organization
  • Creating an atmosphere of awareness and acceptance

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The Digital Age: Recruitment, Retention, & the Employee Experience

Season 3, Episode 9

Speaker: Jess Miller-Merrell | Chief Innovation Officer at Workology

While recruitment, hiring, and the job market are constantly changing, we learned one thing for sure: the digital world is here to stay. With significant pressure to attract top talent, HR leaders realized passive recruitment and hiring strategies are no longer enough. 

Jess Miller-Merrell, Author and Chief Innovation Officer at Workology, shared her experience and expertise on digital recruitment and hiring, and how organizations can leverage these practices to stay competitive. 

Key Takeaways

  • Digitizing your recruitment, hiring, and retention processes
  • Unique recruitment strategies for a positive candidate experience 
  • Transitioning from the candidate experience to the employee experience

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Steel Backbone, Soft Heart: Tapping Into Empathic Leadership

Season 3, Episode 10

Speaker: Cheryl DeSantis | Chief People Officer at National Veterinary Associates

Business shouldn’t feel like survival of the fittest. As we began to wind down this season of HR at the Table, we de-mythed the popularized idea that leaders must detach from their emotions in order to be successful. 

Cheryl DeSantis, Chief People Officer at National Veterinary Associates, joined us to explore a new paradigm taking over the business world, leading with the heart, and essential strategies to prioritize empathic leadership. 

Key Takeaways

  • The role of the head and the heart in successful leaders
  • Key elements of heart-centered leadership
  • Prioritizing people over profit and production
  • Unlocking employee talent and maximizing success

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Nimble HR: Driving and Communicating Value to Your Business

Season 3, Episode 11

Speaker: Tim Toterhi | CHRO & Talent Consultant at Plotline Leadership

HR’s role continued to grow increasingly complex in 2023. What used to be thought of as just recruitment and hiring started touching almost every aspect of the organization – from legal and IT to brand and culture.

This month we welcomed back another returning speaker, Tim Toterhi, CHRO & Talent Consultant at Plotline Leadership, to explore how HR leaders can manage their priorities while continuing to drive business value. 

Key Takeaways

  • ​​Ways to develop a value-driven mindset
  • How HR can build & show value like other departments
  • Letting go and picking your battles 
  • Strategies for prioritizing big projects

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Empowering Leaders to Champion People-First Initiatives

Season 3, Episode 12

Speaker: Donald Knight | Chief People Officer at Greenhouse

If last year taught business leaders anything, it’s that prioritizing people is no longer a choice but a necessity. But what does putting people-first look like and how do we encourage it in our company cultures?

To close out 2023 with a bang, we brought in Greenhouse’s Chief People Officer, Donald Knight, to discuss people-first cultures. This episode explored essential strategies to equip leaders — HR professionals, Chief People Officers, executives, and alike — with the knowledge to cultivate and build people-first initiatives within their organizations. 

Key Takeaways

  • Techniques to identify where your organization is and set goals for the future
  • Strategies to empower other leaders to feed into a people-first culture
  • How to lead the charge in fostering workplaces where people truly come first

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What HR is Bringing to the Table in 2024

While it’s hard to predict the future, there are a few things HR professionals can expect this year. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DE&I will continue to be a cornerstone of successful teams and organizations. Many companies will prioritize and focus on initiatives that drive diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in order to attract and retain top talent, increase employee engagement and productivity, and ensure the long-term success of their business. 

Prioritizing People First

People-first cultures and initiatives will be extremely important in 2024. Employees began to stand up for themselves last year, and companies that did not keep up with demands fell far behind. This year, we can expect successful leaders and teams to start prioritizing people and culture first. 

Finding the Right Technology Partners

2023 taught organizations that technology is not always the answer. Instead, the key to success is building a streamlined, integrated tech stack that solves your business’s current and future needs. Organizations will be evaluating their goals and providers more intensely this year to drive sustained growth and success. 

Verified First can help you achieve your business goals in 2024. Our patented, one-click solution can streamline your hiring process from start to finish, giving you more time to focus on people-centric initiatives. 

Take the stress out of 2024. Get started now.

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