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Join the growing ranks of clients at Verified First. Our clients benefit from our effortless background screening tools with increased efficiencies,  and reduced time to hire. Read our client case studies to learn more about how Verified First can help you grow.


How Verified First & Workable’s Integrated Services Improve Government Contractor Efficiency

Workable and Verified First provided the superior technology, customization, and care that IT Concepts needed to reform its outdated recruitment and hiring practices. With features like automated compliance tools, advanced reporting capabilities, and top-notch customer service, Workable helped IT Concepts streamline processes and achieve organizational excellence.


How a Small Business Tripled in Size With the Support of People Software Solution, BambooHR

Microbe Formulas was growing rapidly, and their spreadsheet HR management system wasn’t allowing it to reach its true potential. BambooHR gave it the structure it needed to reform its HR operations, achieve a greater hiring and onboarding experience, and compliantly streamline its hiring process so Microbe Formulas could stay true to its core value of putting people first.

Get the case study to learn how this small business saved over 1,000 hours in its hiring process using the BambooHR and Verified First integration!

Volgistics Volunteer Logistics Logo

How a Nonprofit Achieved Efficiency with Tailored Volunteer Management Solution, Volgistics

Volgistics helped the Volunteer Engagement team of the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry achieve efficiency when it came to recruiting, onboarding, and managing its volunteers. With features like VicTouch, VicNet, and integrated screening, Volgistics helped OMSI efficiently manage its volunteers and continue its mission in inspiring learners nationwide. Get the case study to learn how OMSI cut their background check processing time by 67%!

Volgistics & Verified First Case Study

Fairchild HR

Fairchild HR is a recruitment company that combines proven recruiting techniques with the most sophisticated technology available. Because their clients rely on them to quickly find and vet top candidates, it’s important for them to have a streamlined process for background and drug screenings. 

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The Cappies

The Cappies is a nonprofit organization that trains high school theatre and journalism students to be expert writers, critical thinkers, and leaders. In each participating school, students run their own production with adult oversight. Because it only takes a single incident to put students at risk, it’s critical for them to thoroughly vet their many volunteers.

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Renovo Financial

Renovo Financial is a rapidly-growing private lender serving real estate investors who renovate single and multi-family residential properties. To make loans to financially responsible people, it’s important for Renovo to conduct background screening on applicants.

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