We have worked with Verified First for three years and have always had flawless service! I would recommend them to anyone considering choosing a background check company. Their suite of services covers all facets of background checks and their customer service and support is excellent.
Dale Hall
HR Director
Allen Keller Company
Axxum Technologies logo
What a seamless integration and implementation! Verified First explained the process and products so well that all we needed to do was click a few buttons to get our employee background checks. Thanks so much! 
Windy Fields
HR Manager
Axxum Technologies
We had a very smooth transition into the new portal thanks to Jason! Very fast and effective company.
Christine Onderick
Employment Specialist
Caribe Royale
Eclaro International Logo
We are in touch with client services almost daily and the researchers always greet us with the best of attitude and professional recognition and courtesy. They go above and beyond to work through whatever is needed to complete the tasks at hand going that extra bit to make sure that what we request has been taken care of and moved along as quickly as possible. Such a pleasure to work with them all.
Milly Leonard
Compliance Coordinator
Eclaro International
Evan Curry has been very helpful on every occasion I have needed him. He has followed through each time that he said he would call or email. He is an asset to Verified First.
April Lowe
Dave Edwards Toyota
When I first was contacted, I thought we didn't need a new vendor for our background checks. We were fine. But when I saw the speed at which Verified First operated, and the pricing being even better than our current vendor, I was amazed. Our old vendor took a couple of days to give a bare bones report... and with the optional rush charge it might be one day, or a few hours at best. Verified First provides us with an extensive background check, far better than what we had and with an amazingly speed turnaround. Simply put, Verified First puts us first.
Christopher McDonough
HR Manager
Consolidated Packaging Group
Andrea, of Client Services, was not only professional, but knowledgeable and polite. The way she was patient, as she worked with me to figure out my dilemma, was refreshing! Thank you Andrea & team for helping eliminate my frustration!
Jean Wright
Administrative Assistant
Gateway Church
Comparing to competitors, Verified First provide excellent service that gives better control, immediate access to reports, better protection of personal information, and saves a lot of time for us. Thank you.
Andrey Biletskiy
HR Generalist
Elica Health Centers
Great background check company! The portal has a very nice, clean look and is very user-friendly.
Paul Zaruba
Human Resources Manager
Eyre Bus Service
When I first began my journey in Human Resources at Hawkinson Nissan, I struggled with my hiring process because of the previous background screening we used. We went from getting Motor Vehicle Reports after 5-10 days to INSTANT with Verified First. It was a life changer! Another plus is that everyone is friendly here and always willing to help! I highly recommend them!
Amber Turner
Human Resource Manager
Hawkinson Nissan
Fast and friendly service! Nikita is always readily available to help answer our questions and tailor all of the options available for our specific needs. Grateful to have her on our team! Mahalo, Katelyn, for being a huge help for us to understand how we get background information on international tenants! It's a big world out there and grateful to have you on our side to guide us!
Sherri Patrick
Administrative Assistant
Gay & Robinson
Verified First has been a good partner for our organization for the past four years. They have continually upgraded their services and added new features that enable our team to bring new hires onboard with confidence and ease. I have never had a problem connecting with a customer service member if I had any questions or concerns. Their response time has been very satisfactory.
Diana Raygor
Talent Acquisition & Development Manager
Glen Raven, Inc.
I received amazing customer service. The woman I spoke to was friendly and professional. She went above and beyond to help me and make sure i was accommodated. I am very happy with the service I receive from Verified First.
Jennifer Cirrone
H.R. Assistant
John Hassall LLC
Savannah Forrester is an excellent representative of your service. She is articulate, knowledgeable and pleasant. She was very patient, obtained answers and information I needed to make the decision to choose Verified First. Now having made that decision, I am thrilled that Savannah stuck with me. The first report I pulled exceeded all expectations. The report came back quickly, was easy to read, the format is very user-friendly and covered everything our company needed. Thank you very much.
Denise Fekaris
Horizon Lawn Maintenance
ITI has been using VerifiedFirst for our background checks and screenings for a few years and cannot say enough good about them. Great people who are friendly and efficient. I have never had a problem or question that Nikita Espinosa could not solve and fast! Recently Nikita directed me to Evan Curry for assistance and he was amazing as well. I wish all companies were as pleasant to work with as VerifiedFirst!
Julie Schradin
Administrative Assistant
Really like this new portal and have always liked working with the people at Verified First. Great customer support!!!
Gail Mackey
Field Payroll Administrator
Milton J Womack Inc
We love Verified First. The website is extremely easy to use, the results are fast, and the cost is the best we have seen! I highly recommend using Verified First for all of your background verification needs.
Jackie Diaz
Director of Human Resources
Joseph Phelps Vineyards
Patrick Industries Logo
I called a few minutes ago, due to login issues. my issues were resolved in a timely manner. Thank you!
Dionisia Gonzalez
HR Benefits Specialist
Patrick Industries
Customer Service is awesome. Very quick to respond and always so helpful. Aaron has been fast and courteous in responding to questions.
Robin Markins
Porter's Group
We began using Verified First about a year ago. We have been pleased with how easy the system was to use, but were looking for a way to send a link to applicants. We thought we had that process started, but things never were fully in place. Nikita helped us take care of everything in less than an afternoon! She was very helpful and thorough. Thank you Nikita!
Bethany Perryman
Director, HR
PLZ Aeroscience Corporation
Kaitlyn, PJ, and Jennifer were all great! They answered all our questions and explained how Verified First works, as well as followed up on how things were going and continually checking in with us. After using Verified First for our background checks and in-house drug testing, we have found it to be cost saving and efficient! Getting results faster improves the efficiency of our whole department! Thank you Verified First.
Donna Rivera
Pride Air Conditioning & Appliance Inc.
We switched to Verified First about a year ago and have nothing but good things to say about the change. They implement well into our ATS and make it so easy process BI's on our candidates. There R&D has really been busy this year with adding more great features to make our checks even more effective such as adding the link to Quest for our drug testing. We are very glad we made the switch to Verified First. They are easier to use, help us stay compliant and even reduced our cost as well. If you need a good company for background checks, I highly recommend Verified First!
Melanie Shipley
Vice President, Human Resources
SMS Data Products Groups, Inc.
Here at Sands Motor Company we have worked with Verified First for about four years, our company has about 460 employees, and being in the car business, we see a lot of employees come and go. We run approximately 25 to 30 prospective hires through Verified First each month and could not be happier. Their level of customer service and overall user-friendly system far exceed anything the competition can offer. Over the past year we have received about three-quarters of our background results within the first few hours of them being submitted, many of which are within 5 minutes. On top of that the vast majority that we do not receive back within the first few hours are still received by the end of the business day or first thing the following morning. Multiple other companies have tried to get us to switch, but when we tell them how quickly we receive results they are either speechless or have told us not to switch, because they could not beat or even match that turn around time. In addition to the amazing turn around time, the staff is extremely helpful, polite, and a complete joy to work with. They truly care about their clients and are always ready to help when an issue arises. Thank you to all of the employees at Verified First for all of your hard work and continuous dedication to your clients, it does not go unnoticed!
Kayla Singley
Sands Motor Company
Stang Decisions Logo
The Verified First team has been incredible to work with. We require responsive, quick turnaround with our screenings, and this team has been a dream to work with. Thank you!
Jody Johnson
HR Advisor
Stang Decision Systems
Just received our first invoice from Verified First. To my great pleasure it reflected exactly what the company offered us during the sales cycle! Verified First continues to deliver what was promised with great service. Thanks!
Jay Printzlau
General Counsel
Surge Resources, Inc.
I purchased and used the InstaCube oral fluid drug test. It was so easy to administer and read. It was actually fun to do and to watch the test strips change. You can see right away what the results are. This will be very easy and cost effective to use in my business.
Robin Thompson
The Major Group
Realm logo
"Finally, a provider that's helping nonprofits make hiring and managing volunteers easier, and our members safer with background checks built-in!"
Stephanie Subu
Membership Records
The Falls Church Anglican
The #1 item for our company utilizing Verified First is their fantastic customer service and employees. Every time we have a question, go through a contact change, or just go through a usual account review the individuals we work with are top-notch.
Michael Foster
Director of HR
Third Party Pet
I have been very pleased with the turnaround times on my searches and the information they provide. Any time I have contacted their client relations for assistance, they have responded promptly.
Eric Emerson
HR Manager
Value Added Products
My small business is growing, and I love having an easy, seamless way to ensure my new hires have clear background checks. Verified First is affordable and straightforward to use. And a plus – their team is always friendly, helpful, and accessible when I have questions. I highly recommend Verified First!
Amber McGinty
Founder & CEO
Trusty Oak
I am a first time customer with Verified First and I must say it has been a rewarding experience. From day one the process has been beyond my expectations, starting with Riley England, who invited me to a one on one webinar, giving me a virtual insight on how the program works. After deciding to partner with Verified First, I was again, very pleased with the customer service of Savanah Forrester, who assisted me with my first order of a background screening. Her professionalism and concern for customer satisfaction was impressive. Thank you, Verified First for making my experience a positive and memorable one.
Bridget Bell
HR Manager
Woman's Missionary Union