Screening for the Transportation Industry

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In an industry with high turnover and a shortage of drivers, carriers need a screening provider that can quickly and thoroughly vet candidates. You also need solutions to common challenges such as inconsistent pricing, turnaround times, and a lack of centralized reporting.

Verified First consolidates all of your pre-employment and recurrent screenings under one roof, making us your only stop! Eliminate the need to deal with multiple vendors and order industry-specific screens when you partner with Verified First.

People employed in jobs related to trucking activity in 2021

Verified First Screening Services

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Centralized Reporting & Invoicing

Centralized Reporting & Invoicing

Through combining your drug, alcohol, and background screenings with Verified First, we can provide detailed reporting and invoicing through our portal. This consolidation improves your management process and provides easy access to information if you are audited.

Electronic Custody & Control Forms

Electronic Custody & Control Forms

Through implementing an electronic chain of custody process, we improve your turnaround times and reduce the potential for errors when ordering alcohol and drug tests.

Integrated Drug & Alcohol Screening

Integrated Drug & ​Alcohol Screening

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to speed up turnaround time, improve your candidate experience, and consolidate reporting and invoicing. Through creating an electronic chain of custody, you will reduce the potential for errors and improve management of ​this process.

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