Vendor Assesment Scorecard

Are your vendors aligned with your company goals?

Evaluating your current (and prospective) vendors and suppliers to measure performance and to ensure they're meeting organizational standards can be simple! Our Vendor Assessment Scorecard can help you spot performance gaps, determine ROI, identify when to consider changing vendors, and build a low-risk, world-class portfolio! Ready to get started?
  1. Rank each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) based on how satisfied you are with the vendor or supplier that you are evaluating. (1 = Unsatisfactory / 5 = Exceeds Expectations)
  2. Review your results!
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Category 1: System Interfaces

Employee User Interface (Overall)

New Hire User Interface (Overall)

Branded Portals & E-Mails

Branding by Business Unit/Division

Configurations by Business Unit/Division

Category 2: New Hire Experience

Custom External E-Mail Templates

Ease of Use

Candidate Support

Standard Candidate Outreach Process

Provider Follow Up with Candidate

Category 3: Employee Experience

Employee Support

Requests for Additional Information

System Customization for Employees

Typical Turnaround


Category 4: Admin Experience

Admin-Enabled Updating

Build Out Process

Scaling Process for New Divisions

Response Time for Updates

Customizable Access Levels & Provisioning

Category 5: Legal & Compliance

Internal Compliance Controls

Internal Access of Data

Legal Updates

Adverse Action Process

Category 6: Technical Requirements

System Speed

Multiple Languages/Translation Ability

Scheduled Maitenance

Product Roadmap

Mobile Capability

Easy to Manage

SMS Capabilities

Category 7: System Implementation and Training

Training Videos/Multi Media Availability

As Needed Technical Support

Ability to Customize/Update System After Implementation

Scalability for Growth

Implementation Fees

Category 8: System Integration

Order screens directly in my applicant tracking system without being sent to a 3rd party site

Results delivered back into my applicant tracking system.

Requesting a backgound screen, drug test, and/or verifications

Category 9: Customer Service

Call response time

First call resolution

Knowledgeable staff

PBSA Certified

Compliance Focused

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Vendor Assessment Scorecard

CategoryPossible PointsCurrent PointsTotal Score
Category 1: System Interfaces 25
Category 2: New Hire Experience 25
Category 3: Employee Experience 25
Category 4: Admin Experience 25
Category 5: Legal & Compliance 20
Category 6: Technical Requirements 35
Category 7: System Implementation and Training 25
Category 8: System Integration 15
Category 9: Customer Service 25