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An educational webinar series for Nonprofit, Church, and Volunteer Management Leaders.

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Episode 1: Reinventing the Volunteer Experience

Guest Speaker: Connie Stopher, Executive Director at Economic Development Coalition

Face to Face: Reinventing the Volunteer Experience

We were joined by Connie Stopher, Executive Director at the Economic Development Coalition, for the premiere episode of our Face to Face webinar series.
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Episode 2: Why Re-amplifying Your Mission Makes All the Difference in Volunteer Retention

Guest Speaker: Kristen Kraklow, Volunteer Engagement & Experience Manager at OMSI

Face to Face: Why Re-amplifying Your Mission Makes All the Difference in Volunteer Retention

We were joined by OMSI's Volunteer Engagement and Experience Manager, Kristen Kraklow, for a Face to Face episode on why and how re-amplifying your mission can make all the difference in volunteer retention.
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In 2020, we hosted a series of Virtual Coffee Hours for the Nonprofit and Volunteer Management leaders in our community. Each hour created a positive space for leaders to come together, ask questions, voice their challenges, share resources, develop solutions, and, simply, be together.
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