Tracker I-9

Experience end-to-end compliance with our Tracker I-9 integration.

Protect your company with Verified First's I-9 integration powered by Mitratech.

Fully automate new hire I-9s and securely manage deadlines and workflows remotely from one intuitive dashboard, helping you stay compliant.

Get your paper I-9's out of the filing cabinet and into a digitized format, stored in a fully encrypted, cloud-based solution that ensures data protection.

Ensure compliance for all remote hires, leveraging a national Network Alliance of authorized agents to complete Section 2 requirements.

Tracker I-9 Benefits

With this proven solution, you'll benefit from:

  • Efficient streamlined hiring processes
  • Built in compliance tools
  • Expert Audit Support
  • A Fully encrypted, cloud-based solution
  • And one of the finest client care teams

Manage unscalable paper Form I-9s with Verified First's Historical I-9 Solution.

With Historical I-9 you can easily house all your I-9 documents in one place, including files that did not originate in Verified First’s Tracker solution!

According to analysis of 1.5 million paper Form I-9's:

0 %

76% of paper Form I-9s have at least one fineable error.


There's an average of 3.1 errors per paper Form I-9.

$ 0

ICE can fine up to $2,332 per substantive Form I-9 error.

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