To accomplish their mission, nonprofits need to recruit both staff and volunteers. Nonprofits are held legally accountable for actions taken by volunteers, as well as their workers. This makes it imperative to thoroughly vet the people who represent your organization.

Successful organizations rely on strong community support. An incident from a unvetted worker could damage your reputation, leading to a decrease in donations and loss of trust from the community. This makes safeguarding your brand the most important investment you can make as a nonprofit.

Background screening can reduce liability and mitigate your risk. Through requesting motor vehicle reports, sex offender status reports, and even credit history, you will have peace of mind knowing your volunteers and staff are fit to interact with your community.

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How a Nonprofit Achieved Efficiency with Tailored Volunteer Management Solution, Volgistics

Volgistics helped the Volunteer Engagement team of the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) achieve efficiency when it came to recruiting, onboarding, and managing its volunteers. With features like VicTouch, VicNet, and integrated screening, Volgistics helped OMSI efficiently manage its volunteers and continue its mission in inspiring learners nationwide. Get the case study to learn more!

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Volgistics Case Study

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