VF Connector.

Integration Meets Innovation.

Traditional Integrations suck. They're complicated. costly. inefficient.

Experience an easier way to connect your web-based solutions with the VF Connector.


Robust enough to look like an integration—button and all—the VF Connector seamlessly connects your favorite HR solutions. Easily order or review screening solutions on virtually any webpage!


Easy peasy lemon squeezy. While patented, the VF Connector is a high-tech solution built for low-tech people. Your IT ticket days are over!


After downloading the VF Connector, it only takes the click of a button (!) to connect your HR solutions and streamline your hiring process. 


No need for a double-take—you read that right. The VF Connector is free to download with 100+ partner platforms available to connect with.

Sound too good to be true? Try it yourself.

Step One:

Download the VF Connector

Step Two:

Check out the VF Connector in your HR solution.

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Step Three:

Brag about it!

"There are no complicated configurations, no delays waiting for someone to activate something. It’s as simple as downloading something from an app store, which is a task that virtually every user is very familiar with."

See it in action!