Compliance is a journey. Trust Verified First to show you the way.

Are you lost in the woods of confusing background screening laws and compliance guidelines? From the beginning to the end of the screening process, Verified First has designed our service and software with compliance in mind.

We've made it easy for you to adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) guidance on background screening. We also strive to stay up to date with ever-changing jurisdictional laws on ban the box and salary history.

Our platform provides built-in screening compliance tools to help you take the appropriate steps throughout the process, from disclosure and authorization to adjudication and adverse action.

Paperless Disclosure and Authorization Forms

Frequent lawsuits occur regarding improper disclosure and authorization forms. Reduce risk and streamline your process with our online, mobile-friendly forms. With Verified First you can send forms via email or SMS text message for a great candidate experience.

The Most Up-to-Date Information

Making hiring decisions on out-of-date information leaves you vulnerable to litigation. Verified First validates all records at the source jurisdiction before reporting them to you. You can make hiring decisions with confidence knowing reports are accurate and up to date.

Adverse Action Simplified

If you choose to eliminate a candidate based on their background screening report, Verified First is here to support you. Easily send adverse action letters and consumer copies via email or postal mail from our portal. Our system starts a countdown so you know when you are able to take the final step.

No Outsourcing

Our entire Compliance Department is based in our corporate offices in Idaho. Unlike some background screening companies, we do not outsource compliance tasks outside of the country.

Information You Can Use

Verified First protects your business by providing data eligible for use in hiring decisions. In compliance with EEOC guidelines on reporting, we do not include non-conviction cases.

Be In the Know

Verified First keeps you in the know on changes to the legal landscape that can affect background screening and drug testing programs. For even more industry news, follow our blog.