Franchise Background Checks

Verified First empowers franchisees to reduce overall background screening turnaround time and make smart, data-driven decisions.

Partnering with a background screening solution that aligns with your corporate franchise standards is critical to help protect your brand, employees, and stakeholders.

With Verified First, you can streamline your franchisee hiring process in minutes. Get world-class franchise background check services from an established PBSA-accredited provider with experience you can trust.

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One in three Americans have criminal records. (The Sentencing Project, 2022) 


We think time is better spent managing relationships, not platforms. We connect with 130+ HR software solutions to make screening an effortless part of your franchise's hiring process.


We combine cutting-edge technology with industry-leading turnaround times to streamline franchise background checks and empower you to make smart, data-driven decisions.

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Along with our 98% Client Satisfaction rating (seriously we triple-checked!), our clients experience less than 30-second average response time thanks to our client care staff.

Integrate with your favorite HR technology platform for franchises!

Franchise Background Check Services

Your franchise brand is unique. Our franchise background check services can help you improve your bottom line through streamlined hiring and risk mitigation. Here are some background screening options that Verified First offers for franchisees and their employees:

  • Identity Check

    Additional search pertinent to an applicant’s identity that can increase the accuracy of other reports and checks.

  • Criminal Background Check

    Discovers and reports criminally convicted cases of applicants.

  • Professional License Verification

    This form of verification verifies government-issued professional licenses.

  • Employment Credit Report

    Provides information about an applicant’s credit history. This is a soft inquiry to the applicant’s credit, has no negative impact upon the individual’s credit score.

  • Bankruptcy Fillings

    Provides a search of 94 Federal Districts, giving insight into an applicant’s financial accountability and track record.

Background Screening 101

Many roles rely on licensed professionals whose specialized services can be critical to your business. That’s why organizations like yours utilize professional license verifications during the pre-employment screening process. But just how important is verifying an applicant’s professional licenses and credentials? Just last year, 7,600 fake nursing diplomas were issued from... 

Finding the right candidate for both the role and your organization is no easy task. As a leading background screening provider, Verified First’s goal is to empower organizations like yours with the confidence they need to hire the right people by redefining the background screening experience. In order to provide a seamless hiring process from start to finish, it’s important that you thoroughly understand...

By now, you should know the countless benefits of running pre-employment background checks. From hiring better quality candidates to protecting your organization and remaining compliant, the question is no longer whether to background screen or not but how to do it. A background screening provider can help do it all while saving you time, resources, and money in the long run. If you are already...

Top franchises choose Verified First as their screening provider!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, Verified First clients leverage one-of-a-kind, patented technology that saves franchises time and money. Verified First is also mobile-enabled for a streamlined candidate experience. Franchises leverage automated workflows to ramp up faster. 

Franchisors and Franchisees have access to our client portal where they can easily order and monitor background screening requests. Applicants are invited to provide their information via a link, and the mobile applicant interface makes the experience effortless for candidates.

Verified First helps businesses proactively manage and mitigate the potential for reputational and financial damages associated with employee-based risks. Franchisees make informed decisions based on established screening practices while Verified First delivers industry-leading turnaround times and requires minimal management involvement.

Franchisees can get started in minutes — no long-term contracts, no annual commitments, and no minimum screening requirements. Contact us to find out how.