Happy Birthday to Us: Celebrating 11 Years of Success with Verified First

January 26, 2024 by Verified First

Happy Birthday to Verified First

Time really does move fast. It seems like just yesterday our founders Tommy Cheng and Devon Dickinson came up with an idea and started Verified First from their garage. Can you believe how much has changed?

What started as running manual background checks from half-constructed home offices transformed into a dynamic, innovative solution that helps clients take their businesses from good to great. Now, Verified First houses background screening, drug testing, verifications, Tracker I-9, and so much more under our belt — with industry-leading technology and client care

In honor of Verified First’s 11th birthday, we wanted to take some time to reflect on our growth and success over the last 11 years. And who better to celebrate with than you? The people who have helped make our business what it is today. 

Let’s explore 11 milestones to showcase how Verified First has grown throughout the years, and how we will continue to work our hardest to empower clients like you. 

Happy 11th Birthday to Verified First with 11 fun facts about the company.

Verified First Founded in 2013

In 2013, co-founders Devon Dickinson and Tommy Cheng hatched an idea in a tiny garage in Idaho. Their mission? Help companies transform from good to great by making effective hiring decisions. 

This idea is still at the core of what Verified First does every day. Dickinson and Cheng understood that people are the key to an organization’s success. That’s why it’s critical to quickly sift through applicant pools to identify those best for the job. 

But Verified First isn’t your run-of-the-mill screening provider. While our innovative, patented technology is the first of its kind, it’s only half of our solution. We help hundreds of companies create productive, dynamic teams by taking extra care of our employees and making sure they love where they work.

HR at the Table Premiere

In 2020 Verified First premiered its HR at the Table webinar series. HR at the Table is a monthly podcast-style webinar series that brings together HR and talent acquisition leaders from some of America’s most notable companies across the nation. 

Each month, HR at the Table tackles relevant topics and challenges HR and TA leaders are actively facing. Think DE&I, recruitment and retention, how to provide value, etc. Now in its fourth season, HR at the Table has not only helped countless HR departments but also helped create a supportive, reliable community of HR and TA professionals. 

Here are some of our favorite HR at the Table episodes of all time:

  1. Investing in Structured and Inclusive Hiring & Engagement | Rapti Mitra-Khurana, Head of Talent Engagement and Development for the NFL
  2. The Reinvention of Human Resources | Elizebeth Varghese, Global Leader of Talent & HR Reinvention Strategy at IBM
  3. War for Talent: David vs. Goliath | Minh Hua, Chief Talent Officer at Stanley Black & Decker
  4. The Digital Age: Recruitment, Retention, & the Employee Experience | Jess Miller-Merrell, Chief Innovation Officer at Workology
  5. Embracing Conflict to Build Stronger Teams | Dawn Stone, Chief Executive Officer of The Conflict Chick

Jim Miles Promoted to CEO

Jim Miles was promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in 2023! Since Miles joined the organization over six years ago, he has been instrumental in Verified First’s success. Miles continually rose through the ranks, from starting as Vice President of Finance and Administration to becoming Chief Financial Officer, and his promotion to Chief Operations Officer in 2022, he has genuinely embodied devotion to the company, commitment to his coworkers, and a drive to provide excellence for our clients.  

“I couldn’t have planned this out. I just kept asking myself, ‘how can I help those around me to be and do better and what else can I do to be and do better, and committing to that fearlessly got me here,” concluded Jim Miles, Chief Executive Officer at Verified First. 

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Verified First Joins Forces With Sister Company

2023 was a busy year for Verified First. Not only did we promote Jim Miles to CEO, but we also joined forces with our new sister company, Safety Services Company, which specializes in managing third-party contractor management platforms and meeting safety and compliance regulations. 

Organizational Growth Reaches New Heights 

What started as two employees in a home office has blossomed into a dynamic, thriving ecosystem of 150+ employees across the globe! Verified First is a fast-growing tech company with a core, guiding mission: deliver cutting-edge HR technology that transforms organizations’ hiring. 

We’re not the only ones who think so, either. Recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in Idaho,” we work hard to play hard. We’re a bunch of goal-setters who dream big and win bigger! As an equal-opportunity employer, Verified First is always looking for the best of the best. Interested in applying? 

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98% Client Satisfaction Rate

Client care and satisfaction are and always will be a top priority for Verified First. It’s our backbone. We recognize that organizations need so much more than raw data and technology to create and maintain an effective employee background screening program. That’s why we created one of the finest client services departments in the industry. 

Our team is always ready to help with anything our clients may need, from new user onboarding to general inquiries and beyond. In fact, our average wait time on client phone calls is under 30 seconds, and our average client satisfaction rate is 98%. 

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Award Winning Screening Solutions

We know our solutions, customer service, and work culture are top-notch. But don’t just take our word for it. Verified First’s awards speak for themselves. Here’s a quick overview of some of our most prestigious awards and what they mean to us: 

Our staff is full of dedicated, but unique and fun people who help make our company great. Our client care team is one of the best in the industry and is rated top-notch by our customers. We've earned accolades all across the board, and we're aiming for more. Thank you to all our clients, partners, and employees who have helped us achieve these accomplishments. 

Three Million Background Checks in Six Years

As you likely know, background screening is our game. But just how committed is Verified First to helping organizations transform their recruitment and hiring? We’ve successfully run and completed over three million background checks (and counting) in the past six years!  

Verified First cracked the code on delivering an exceptional background screening experience to organizations like yours. Here’s how we’ve changed the game: 

  • Innovative, easy-to-use integrations
  • Expansive HR and talent acquisition partner ecosystem 
  • Prioritizing speed and accuracy
  • Exceptional client care and satisfaction (98%)
  • Compliance expertise 

Expansive Partner Ecosystem

Verified First is always looking to drive more value for our clients. One way we’ve done this throughout the years is with our dynamic partner ecosystem. Verified First integrates with 130+ industry-leading hiring and talent management solutions including applicant tracking systems, candidate relationship management platforms, payroll solutions, and more. 

With these integrated solutions, Verified First users can effortlessly plug background screening, drug testing, I-9 services, and more directly into their preferred HR tech stack to start screening in seconds. 

Patented Technology: The VF Connector

Traditional integrations suck. We get it. That’s why we created our innovative, patented technology solution: the VF Connector

The VF Connector is the first of its kind. With this integration, it only takes five simple steps to screen candidates from implementation to completion. Verified First’s patented technology integrates directly into your selected HR platform, allowing you to order screens all in one place. Once you order a screen, the rest is on us! 

Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

Did you know that the industry average turnaround time for background searches is two to five business days? Not with Verified First. We make it our mission to keep turnaround times low so you can make hiring decisions faster, without compromising on accuracy. 

Here are just some of our average turnaround times:

  • Overall average: 33.7 hours
  • County Criminal Search: 24.5 hours
  • Motor Vehicle Report: 1.9 hours

Thank You From Verified First

Before we get too emotional reflecting on the past 11 years, we want to take a moment to say thank you to our dedicated employees, dynamic partners, and wonderful clients. Without you, the past 11 years would not have been the same. Thank you so much for your continued commitment to and trust in Verified First. 

If you’re looking to improve your hiring process, you’re also in the right place. Contact us today to get started! 

I’m ready.

About Verified First
Verified First is known for delivering streamlined background screening backed by the best client support, and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system integrations, for free. Our client support team is U.S.-based, answers calls in seconds, resulting in hundreds of positive testimonials and a 96% customer satisfaction. Verified First's patent-pending, award-winning integrations include over 100 applicant tracking systems, and provide clients a turn-key experience.

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