Verified First Update: Jim Miles Promoted to CEO

July 13, 2023 by Verified First

Verified First Update: Jim Miles Promoted to CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Jim Miles has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Verified First, a leading background screening provider. In his six years with the organization, Miles has continually succeeded in elevating Verified First and its employees to the highest level. 

Since 2017 Miles has been essential to the growth and success of the company. From joining the organization as Vice President of Finance and Administration to becoming Chief Financial Officer, and his promotion to Chief Operations Officer last year, he has genuinely embodied devotion to the company, commitment to his coworkers, and a drive to provide excellence for our clients. 

Born and raised in Idaho, Miles went from picking apples at his family’s orchard to fighting forest fires in Southeast Idaho to an Economics degree from Boise State to later an MBA. In these hands-on opportunities, Miles began to develop the work ethic that would later lead him to become the CEO of one of the fastest-growing private companies in the country. 

“I applied that work ethic that I had built up working on the orchard and fighting fire to my education, to my employees, to the company, to leadership, and to life in general,” shared Miles. “I believe our job as leaders is to help every employee accomplish their career goals wherever it may take them.  I truly believe by investing in employees they will invest in you.  As leaders, we have a responsibility to help provide the tools, the support, the accountability, and the encouragement to develop employees into their best selves.”

In his new role, Miles aims to accelerate growth while expanding the Verified First brand and ensuring client satisfaction. This change marks a new chapter for Verified First while still providing continuity in leadership as we continue to achieve growth and success for our partners and clients. 

“I couldn’t have planned this out. I just kept asking myself, ‘how can I help those around me to be and do better and what else can I do to be and do better, and committing to that fearlessly got me here,” concluded Jim Miles, Chief Executive Officer at Verified First. 

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