Verified First Named Top Screening Provider in 2023 Baker’s Dozen by HRO Today

November 16, 2023 by Verified First

Verified First Named Top Screening Provider in 2023 Baker’s Dozen by HRO Today

Our goal is to deliver a better background experience that helps our clients transform their hiring process. Thanks to these magnificent clients, Verified First was named a top pre-employment screening provider (again) in the 2023 Baker’s Dozen by HRO Today

We’re so excited to announce that Verified First has ranked 12 in overall midsize programs, and it’s quite an honor to make this list for the sixth consecutive year. To commemorate this achievement, here’s a breakdown of what this recognition means to us and how we plan to continue serving our clients in the future. 

All About the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen

HRO Today Pre-Employment Screening Baker’s Dozen is one of the most prestigious awards in background screening. Solely based on customer feedback, the Baker’s Dozen list recognizes screening providers that deliver exceptional client care, service, and satisfaction. 

Feedback is collected and companies are evaluated in three different categories: breadth of service, deal size, and quality of service. Within these categories, questions are ranked based on importance to produce an overall score. 

Passion for Client Care and Success 

While we are very proud of all the awards Verified First has received, the Baker’s Dozen list holds a special place in our hearts because it comes directly from our clients. Therefore, in short, we made this list because of clients like you. 

Verified First strives to deliver cutting-edge HR technology that transforms the way our clients protect their employees, clients, and communities. But our technology is only half of our solution. We help our clients create some of the most effective teams by taking extra care of our own employees and making sure they love where they work.

“Our clients have and always will come first, so making this list for the sixth year in a row is both an honor and a testament to Verified First’s success,” said CEO Jim Miles. “We will continue to take every day as an opportunity to better serve our clients and their needs.”

Client care and satisfaction are our backbones. That’s why we established one of the finest client services departments in the industry. We're always ready to help with anything you need, from client onboarding to general inquiries and beyond. In fact, our average wait time on client phone calls is under 30 seconds, and our average client satisfaction rate is 98%. 

Partnering with Verified First

The HRO Baker’s Dozen list is just another example of the exceptional care we put into each and every one of our clients. Our top priority is helping organizations make the right hiring decisions today that have the best impact on tomorrow. 

When you partner with Verified First, you’re getting more than a background screening solution. We work alongside your organization to help you grow and achieve your business goals. How our clients experienced this care is exactly why we ranked in the 2023 HRO Today Pre-Employment Screening Baker’s Dozen

To our clients and partners who made this award possible, thank you. We want to help you and your candidates find the background screening experience that you deserve. 

Contact us today to get started.

About Verified First
Verified First is known for delivering streamlined background screening backed by the best client support, and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system integrations, for free. Our client support team is U.S.-based, answers calls in seconds, resulting in hundreds of positive testimonials and a 96% customer satisfaction. Verified First's patent-pending, award-winning integrations include over 100 applicant tracking systems, and provide clients a turn-key experience.

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