Why Your Company Needs an Applicant Tracking System

June 21, 2023 by ApplicantStack

Why your company needs an applicant-tracking system

Finding and utilizing all available and appropriate technology is a must in today’s competitive business world. One tool that your company may not be using (or using very effectively) is an applicant tracking system used to find and bring on new hires. We cover the importance of this type of software and its many benefits for companies of all sizes. 

What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software devoted to the hiring process. The features built into the system vary. Some ATS platforms are simple databases for managing information, while others are more complex, with tools to manage, filter, and assess candidates when they apply for open positions.

One of the critical advantages of an ATS is the automation it adds to the hiring process. Rather than requiring hiring managers to sift through hundreds (or even thousands) of applications, an ATS manages the data and makes it easy to view qualified candidates. The right solution also simplifies the process of creating and posting job ads, ensuring that open positions are accessible to a wide range of potential applicants.  

6 reasons to Implement an ATS

Regardless of your company size, it’s worth implementing an applicant-tracking system to streamline the hiring process. Explore six compelling advantages of using an ATS.

Lower your cost-to-hire

The cost to hire continues to rise, due in part to inefficient manual hiring processes, poor communication between those involved in recruiting, and a lack of collaboration. The current average cost to hire is nearly $5,000. It also takes an average of more than a month to fill an open position in the U.S. 

When a hiring manager isn’t in sync with the HR rep or recruiter, applications may get lost in the shuffle, or interviews could take longer to schedule. This increases both the cost and time involved with bringing on a new hire. 

An ATS automates manual processes and keeps all those involved in hiring on the same page. It also provides opportunities for communication and note-taking, which ensures that all team members remain collaborative to reduce the time and cost to hire. Whether you’re hiring a full-time employee or bringing on a gig worker to fill a role, you can shorten how much time it takes to make that happen while keeping costs down.

Find and attract top candidates

Getting open positions in front of the right applicants is a challenge when you’re trying to handle the entire process on your own. Organizations often lack the reach needed to cast a wide net or connect with top talent. An ATS with advanced features can connect with hundreds of job boards, ensuring your listings get in front of a wider audience. You can also utilize tools that search for specific keywords in applications or ask qualifying questions to allow an applicant to move forward in the process. The result? Better, more qualified candidates.

Reach all types of workers

In today’s business world, job-seekers are often looking for different things. Gig workers may seek out flexible opportunities, while those who want full-time work may need certain benefits. In certain industries, employers are more likely to hire hourly workers. 

It’s nearly impossible to reach all types of workers when handling hiring processes on your own. But with an ATS, you can push open positions to job boards that cater to specific groups. For example, you might opt for gig-focused boards when hiring contractors or utilize student-run forums to fill seasonal positions. 

Boost applicant engagement 

Today’s job seekers want to feel connected to their potential employers, so engagement is essential throughout the recruiting and hiring process. But if you’re relying on manual processes to find and bring on talent, people are likely to fall through the cracks. And if this happens to your ideal candidate, you may lose out on the opportunity to bring them onboard now and in the future. 

Currently, only 7 percent of applicants report receiving communication when not chosen for a position. That means 93 percent are left wondering where they are in the process and whether they’re still being considered. This level of confusion can leave an applicant feeling disappointed or frustrated with your company, potentially preventing them from applying again in the future.

With an ATS, it’s easier to remain in communication with applicants, ensuring a high-touch process that keeps each individual connected to your organization. Consider a platform that includes texting to reach applicants where they are on their devices. Recruiters and hiring managers also have greater visibility throughout the lifecycle of an applicant, which minimizes the risk of missing out on chances to connect.

Create a cohesive hiring process

Involve the whole team with a more cohesive hiring process. Using an ATS allows all involved in the process to share their thoughts, view updates, and see what’s next for each potential new hire. Cohesiveness also benefits those applying for jobs, as they get the same information from anyone they speak to at your organization.

Improve your onboarding process

An effective onboarding process improves new hire retention by 82 percent. That staggering statistic shows the grave importance of effective employee onboarding, and yet only 12 percent of employees in the U.S. believe their current employer has a satisfactory onboarding process. 

Look for an applicant tracking system with onboarding features to create a consistent and successful process for every new hire. By utilizing a cloud-based system, your new hires can complete paperwork and provide information before they start on their first day. This eliminates manual tasks and hand-cramping forms, ensuring that the first day on the job goes smoothly and delivers a positive experience. 

Selecting the Right Partner

The evidence is clear – your organization needs an applicant tracking system to find top talent and fill open positions. Take hiring to the next level with ApplicantStack, an award-winning system that’s designed for small-to-midsize companies. Over 22 million candidates have come through ApplicantStack, with more than 20,000 recruiters and hiring managers relying on it every day. You can even try it for free!

And what makes it even easier is Verified First’s seamless integration with ApplicantStack. With this one-click integration, ApplicantStack users can easily order, review, and manage Verified First's background screening solutions all within the ApplicantStack platform. 

Get started! 

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