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Background Screening with
ApplicantStack and Swipeclock

Verified First integrates with Swipeclock's ATS, ApplicantStack, via browser extension, transforming your hiring process from start to finish. With this one-click integration, ApplicantStack users can easily order, review, and manage Verified First's background screening solutions all within the ApplicantStack platform.

Plus, while it's robust enough to look like an API integration - button and all - it's ultimately built for ease of use. In fact, this ApplicantStack integration is so easy to use, it's like downloading an app. When was the last time you could say ordering a background check was as easy as using an app? Oh and the best part? It's free!

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself!

  1. Download the VF Connector in your desired web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or New Edge
  2. Open it in the ApplicantStack ATS platform
  3. Start screening with Verified First!

about ApplicantStack and Swipeclock 

ApplicantStack is Swipeclock’s hiring and applicant tracking solution that helps you find and hire the best candidates faster and with less effort.
  • Save time and effort by using a digital dashboard to create, post and manage job openings
  • Reach more candidates with automated links to leading job boards and social media sites
  • Gather all applicants in a real-time composite view for quick comparison and selection.
  • Qualify candidates faster and more effectively with built-in prescreening and knock-out questions
  • Simplify interview and selection processes using robust scheduling, feedback and comparison tools
  • Shorten new hire time to productivity by using companion onboarding and timekeeping applications
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Let Verified First and ApplicantStack and Swipeclock:

Streamline your hiring & onboarding process by easily connecting your hiring solutions.

Save you time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most — the people.

Be your #1, All-American team ready to empower you with top-notch client care and support.

About Verified First

There are hundreds of background screening service providers to choose from, so what makes Verified First stand out? Compared to popular background screening companies, Verified First offers robust screening services with industry-leading customer care and cutting-edge technology. Unlike the big-box providers, Verified First is a privately-owned Idaho company, so we can focus on the needs of our customers and not the whims of shareholders. Experience the difference in service, technology, and client care—get to know Verified First!

  • Easy integration reduces data entry and saves you time.
  • Rapid turnaround time for most clear searches.
  • Our client care team is U.S. based and has a 98% satisfaction rating (you read that right, 98%!)
  • Competitive pricing, no commitment, no minimums.