How Automation Can Transform Your Hiring Process

August 31, 2022 by ApplicantStack

How Automation Can Transform Your Hiring Process

Businesses are looking for ways to offset rising costs and protect their margins. Organizations using manual hiring processes are in a great position to automate and save. Utilizing ATS platforms can streamline your hiring process from interviewing to onboarding. 

Our friends at ApplicantStack are knowledgeable about all things ATS. They’re breaking down the details on automated recruiting and how it benefits companies of all sizes in this deep dive into the use of automation. 

Defining Automated Recruiting

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of HR software that manages the hiring workflow from job posting to onboarding. With an ATS, a team can manage multiple job openings simultaneously. Importantly, an ATS shortens time to fill which minimizes costly lapses in productivity

With an applicant tracking system, you can:

  • Collect and manage hundreds of applications and resumes in the same place
  • Create branded templates for job descriptions, questionnaires, and emails
  • Post to your favorite job boards and social media sites with a single sign-on
  • Automate background and reference checks so they don’t prolong the process
  • Provide self-service interview scheduling and assessments
  • Manage recruiting anytime, anywhere with cloud-based access and mobile tools

The Power of Automated Screening

Two common bottlenecks in the hiring process are early-stage filtering and later-stage screening. An ATS helps with both. For prescreening, you can create custom questionnaires with elimination questions. This allows the applicant pool to self-filter before you start engaging with the most promising candidates. When you start reviewing resumes, you’ll already know which candidates meet the qualifications.

Once you’ve conducted interviews and narrowed it down to one or two candidates, you need to verify your choice. This is where background screenings and reference checks are crucial. They can differentiate between two seemingly equally-qualified applicants or confirm a decision when you are ready to extend the offer.

Applicant tracking systems integrate with background check services. This allows you to order a background check with a couple clicks from within the ATS platform. You can even initiate the background check automatically with a stage change trigger. When you move the candidate to the MAKE OFFER stage, for example, the system can order the check from your background service provider in seconds.

Automated Recruiting Enhances Your Hiring Strategy

If you’re courting a top performer, you can be sure your competitors are courting them as well. When you automate background screens into your ATS, you validate your selection quickly without prolonging the hiring process. In today’s labor market, successful companies screen quickly and thoroughly so they can make an offer without delay.

Automated recruiting can make all the difference in your hiring strategy. Here are three examples of how utilizing automated recruiting can benefit your company.

1. Streamline Interview Scheduling

An ATS with scheduling technology simplifies interviews. Your team members mark their availability on a shared calendar. The ATS candidate interface presents applicants with pre-approved interview time slots.

2. Mobile Recruiting

With an ATS mobile app, you can see your candidate dashboard on any connected device. How are your job postings performing? Which applicants have completed screening questionnaires? Who’s interviewing tomorrow? You have all that in your pocket — around the clock. Recruiting superstars use mobile tools and you can too.

3. Branded Recruitment Marketing

An ATS lets you personalize your recruitment marketing to strengthen your employer brand. Job postings, applications, and candidate emails blend seamlessly with all of your marketing.

Personalized recruitment marketing presents a cohesive image to applicants, customers, employees—and investors. This provides an important competitive edge — especially for companies in industries with a low ATS adoption rate.

In Conclusion: Automate Recruiting with ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack recruiting software automates every aspect of your hiring operations. It was designed by HR professionals for HR professionals. Save money and find better candidates with the applicant tracking solution of choice for growing businesses!

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