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November 18, 2021 by Verified First

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We have a lot to be thankful for here at Verified First, from our awesome clients to our hardworking team members that make it all happen. We’re grateful for the opportunity to provide fast and thorough background screening for all types of industries and learn more about them along the way. In this season of thankfulness and giving, we think it’s important to recognize the people that made this year truly great.

Early on in 2021, we launched our HR at the Table webinar series in order to give all HR and Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals a seat at the table to discuss and learn more about leading topics in the current HR industry. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking with ten remarkable industry leaders thus far, and these professionals have brought us their insight and wisdom to help us navigate the ever-evolving HR and TA industry. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to recognize the people who have led thought-provoking discussions and made space for new ideas at the HR table. 

Episode 1: The Reinvention of HR

To kick off our HR at the Table webinar series, IBM’s Global Leader of Reinvention joined us for a discussion on The Reinvention of HR. Elizabeth Varghese brought helpful insight into the impact of technical HR trends including AI, machine learning, blockchain, and more. We’re grateful to her for sharing her experience and addressing the current shift in positions of power within HR.

Episode 2: What Happens When the CEO & HR are Aligned

We teamed up with MSI’s Global Head of HR in order to find out What Happens When the CEO & HR are Aligned. Chris Courneen helped us understand how HR leaders can change the way people and organization leaders view HR and the value of HR initiatives. We loved having Chris share not only his insight into the HR world but his heart for people and leadership. 

Episode 3: The Intersection of HR Tech & Work

We were fortunate to host TrueBlue's HR Director to chat about The Intersection of HR Tech & Work. In his interview, Virgilio Cintron spoke on organizational adaptability, innovative technology, and the employee experience. His insight was a huge help to us and our audience in understanding the innovative technology that is currently transforming the HR space.

Episode 4: Talent Tech & Brand: The HR Trifecta for Return

Prestige Care's Director of Talent Acquisition spoke about Talent Tech & Brand: The HR Trifecta for Return. In this episode, Blake Thiess focused on using technology and employment branding to reach and capture top talent. We’re thankful for his comprehensive tips on how any company can create a winning brand strategy.

Episode 5: Binding Culture, Talent, & Tech

We teamed up with University of Minnesota’s HR Director to explore the idea of Binding Culture, Talent, & Tech. Joy Wise Davis shared ways that HR can utilize technology to create a robust company culture that ultimately attracts top talent in today's hiring market. Thanks, Joy, for insight into how companies can empower their talent acquisition strategy to improve company culture. 

Episode 6: State of Talent Acquisition Tech: 2021 Trends

The Founder of Aptitude Research joined us for a chat on the State of Talent Acquisition Tech: 2021 Trends. Madeline Laurano spoke about the current state of TA technology and how it could evolve in the future. We want to thank Madeline for her groundbreaking research and for compiling her knowledge into a downloadable Talent Acquisition Tech Buyer’s Guide.

Episode 7: Leadership Lessons HR Can Learn from a Marine Veteran

BeyondTrust's Director of HR Operations and Marine veteran taught us Leadership Lessons HR Can Learn from a Marine Veteran. In this episode, Walt Marques told listeners the leadership lessons from his time as a U.S. Marine and how those lessons can transfer to the HR industry. Those lessons include how to act as a servant leader and communicate priorities clearly to achieve company alignment. Thank you, Walt, for sharing your heart for fostering great leadership values!

Episode 8: Aligning HR & TA on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

MarketCast’s CHRO helped us understand the use of Aligning HR & TA on Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. Regina Johnson brought helpful insight to how HR and TA can connect on their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives. We greatly appreciate her shared knowledge on why DE&I must be top of mind across all industries and how one can begin to enact a DE&I strategy. 

Episode 9: How HR Tech Improved Diversity in Hiring

The Labor & Employment Partner at Seyfarth & Shaw shared How HR Tech Improved Diversity in Hiring with our audience. Sam Schwartz-Fenwick spoke on diversity gaps in hiring strategies, how to strengthen DE&I initiatives, and more. We enjoyed learning from Sam’s expertise in benefits-related litigation and gleaning the best ways to strengthen inclusivity within the workplace from his many years of experience.

Episode 10: Time to Adapt: Defining Agility for HR and TA professionals

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center’s VP of HR joined us for a chat titled Time to Adapt: Defining Agility for HR and TA professionals. Debbie Rosenburg told us what agility means in the war for talent and ways to build a hiring strategy that is proactive and adaptive, including fostering unity between HR and TA departments and brainstorming new ways to attract top candidates in today’s war for talent. Debbie, your examples of how you’ve found ways to support your employees in their roles and meet candidates where they are was greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, HR and TA professionals, for your insightful conversations and personal knowledge of the industry. You have made our HR at the Table webinar series a great resource for other HR and TA professionals to explore complicated topics and solidify a place for themselves at the executive table. 

We host new guests in unique interviews every month, so stay tuned for our next episode. Also, check out our HR at the Table podcast for an alternative way to tune into these important conversations!

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