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Why Re-amplifying Your Mission Makes All the Difference in Volunteer Retention

June 30th at 2 PM ET

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Season 1 | Episode 2:

Why Re-amplifying Your Mission Makes All the Difference in Volunteer Retention

Guest Speaker: Kristen Kraklow

Finding great volunteers is hard enough but retaining them can be even more difficult. Your mission will initially draw volunteers in — there’s something about it that they want to be a part of. The challenge is, how do you keep volunteers engaged and committed to that same mission after weeks, months, and years of volunteering?

Together, we'll explore:

  • Top challenges facing volunteer retention
  • The art of utilizing your mission for volunteer recruitment, training, and retention
  • The importance of communicating your mission to volunteers
  • Connecting the dots between mission and volunteer commitment
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Meet this episode's expert guest: Kristen Kraklow

Volunteer Engagement & Experience Manager at OMSI

Kristen is a self-starter with strong work ethics. With a decade of experience as a volunteer experience manager, she enjoys working with non-profit organizations that enrich the lives of young and old with new experiences. Kristen thrives in environments where she can multi-task and wear multiple hats, often at the same time. Prior to managing volunteers, she was a director, lighting designer, stage manager, acting coach, and box office manager, in both community and educational theatres. No matter what the position, her empathetic positivity and passion for excellence is always present.

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