Abuse Registry: Adding Safety Checks To Your Screening Process

September 7, 2023 by Verified First

Abuse Registry" Adding Safety Checks to Your Screening Process

Organizations that work with vulnerable populations, like children and elderly people, understand that creating and maintaining a safe environment is critical. Most of these organizations already have a screening process in place in order to protect the people that they serve. Adding additional safety checks to your background screening process is a great way to learn more about your volunteers and employees, maintain compliance, and safeguard both your organization and your community. That’s why Verified First offers Vulnerable Abuse Registry searches

As a nonprofit or volunteer leader, you may already be aware of the Vulnerable Abuse Registry. If not, don’t worry. Let’s explore what the Vulnerable Abuse Registry is, why you should consider adding abuse registry searches to your screening process, and how Verified First can help you protect your people. 

What is a Vulnerable Abuse Registry Check?

A Vulnerable Abuse Registry check is a statewide report that pulls abuse and neglect records from a centralized database for vulnerable groups. An abuse registry search allows an employee or volunteer manager to determine if a candidate has a history of abuse or neglect. This search, combined with a greater background screening process, helps ensure individuals can provide a safe experience for vulnerable populations. 

As with many facets of background screening, abuse registry searches vary from state to state. For example, the type of information contained, the length of time information is held, and the requirement to run an abuse registry search can differ between states. In Pennsylvania, a Child Abuse Clearance is required in order to work and/or provide services to children

In some states, there are multiple registries that document possible histories of abuse and neglect. In this case, Verified First will search all the available registries for that state. In states where an abuse registry check is not available, a national sex offender registry search is also a safe search to consider. 

Abuse Registry Check Benefits

As with background screening, conducting an abuse registry check provides many benefits for employers and volunteer managers. Here are some reasons to consider implementing abuse registry searches to your screening process: 

Reduce Risk

Hiring an individual who has a history of neglect or abuse can not only harm the people you serve but also create legal risks and liabilities. By conducting thorough background checks with abuse registry searches, you can reduce your organization’s risk. 

Maintain Compliance

Different states and industries have various local and federal regulations organizations must abide by. Utilizing abuse registry searches in your background screening process can help you maintain compliance and ensure your organization is properly protected. 

Protect Your Brand and Community

One incident can hurt both your community and your brand reputation. Due diligence in your hiring and onboarding process is essential to protecting your organization. A proper background screening process helps you better ensure your reputation, mission, and community are safe. 

Verified First Background Screening

Knowing what type of checks to run for your organization can be complex, but we’re here to help! Verified First understands your organization's unique mission and needs. We offer robust background checks and drug screening options for organizations of all industries and sizes. 

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