What is Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring?

July 10, 2024 by Verified First

What is Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring?

Organizations employing drivers understand the associated risks to their employees and their business. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) data, in 2023, there were 170,726 crashes resulting in 5,104 fatalities. The average work-related car accident can cost employers upwards of $16,500, without mentioning the damage to their brand reputation. 

With so much potential risk, relying on a one-time Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) during the hiring process can be dangerous. That’s why Verified First is excited to announce our new solution: MVR Monitoring. Let’s explore what MVR Monitoring is, the benefits of continuously monitoring your drivers' MVRs, and how you can easily implement MVR monitoring with Verified First. 

What is MVR Monitoring?

MVR monitoring is a digital solution that continuously checks and monitors driver’s license records for new suspensions, violations, and convictions. Users are instantly notified in real-time when an event occurs on a driver’s record. These events can include: 

  • Accidents
  • DUIs
  • Speeding tickets
  • Traffic violations
  • CDL suspensions and revocations 
  • Safety violations 

Utilizing continuous checks and monitoring can provide driver eligibility insight, including license and medical certificate expirations and renewals. 

Benefits of Continuous MVR Monitoring

Continuous MVR monitoring helps employers stay informed about their drivers’ eligibility and risk profile. Organizations employing commercial drivers should utilize motor vehicle reports during the pre-employment screening process. However, it is best practice to continuously check your driver’s records throughout the year — anything can happen on any given day. 

MVR checks are great, but continuous monitoring offers unique benefits such as identifying high-risk drivers, maintaining compliance, and protecting against driver violations and legal penalties. Let’s explore these advantages below: 

Easily Identify Risky Drivers

Unsafe drivers can be a huge liability both to your organization, and everyone driving on the road. That’s why the DOT and FMCSA regulate commercial drivers so heavily, including requiring pre-employment and annual MVR checks

However, there are many driving violations deemed “unsafe” that organizations and drivers must be aware of, including: 

  • Traffic violations (speeding, tailgating, improper lane change, etc)
  • Using a handheld/mobile device 
  • Driving with a suspended/revoked license
  • Driving with an unauthorized passenger
  • Failure to conduct pre-trip inspections
  • And more

Each of these infractions can cost your organization thousands of dollars. Continuous MVR monitoring provides you with real-time alerts as soon as an infraction occurs, allowing you to stay on top of your driver’s eligibility and risk. This solution can help you spot risky driving patterns and behaviors before they become problems. 

Maintain Compliance and Reduce Liability

Maintaining compliance can be challenging, especially without the right tools and processes in place. MVR monitoring can simplify and automate several compliance processes, including DOT compliance, annual employee reviews, and pre-employment screening. 

MVR monitoring can also help reduce your organization’s liability. “Not knowing” your driver had a suspended license at the time of an accident does not protect your organization from the associated penalties. Your company can still be found liable for negligence and be responsible for covering the costs of the crash and fines from governing bodies. 

Save Time and Resources 

MVR scoring breaks down your drivers’ risk levels, reducing your chances of keeping unqualified drivers at the wheel. This empowers you to hire qualified, safe drivers in the first place, and easily spot risky behavior before it escalates to a problem. With continous monitoring, you can also better ensure that your drivers meet insurance requirements. 

When you consider compliance requirements, the cost of potential accidents, and the time you save monitoring your drivers, MVR monitoring can reduce your costs while giving you back valuable time and money. 

Protect Your Business with MVR Monitoring by Verified First

Driving is one of the most dangerous work-related activities. Long gaps between annual MVRs expose your company to risk, and a clean driving record at the time of hire doesn’t mean a clean driving record halfway through the year. Since you can’t rely on drivers to self-report incidents, continuous MVR monitoring allows you to always know what is happening with your employees. 

MVR monitoring by Verified First is an intuitive process that gives you straightforward results at your fingertips. Our technology helps you manage your drivers and track performance, risk, and license expirations. Continuous monitoring provides actionable information to get ahead of potential risks or accidents before they occur.  Let's see how Verified First can help your business.

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