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We're in this together.
Let's get through this together.

There's a lot going on right now, but in times like these, we're reminded how important our communities are. Whether you're a client, a partner, or a guest on our site, we welcome you to join our community. We want you to know that we are here for you now and will continue to be even past the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We hope this page helps you:

Build Community

We're in this together, social-distancing and all. Now is the time for us to work together, help one another, and build strong communities.


These are unprecedented times, and the world of HR has been flipped upside down. We hope these resources help you navigate the here and now.


Hey! This will all be over eventually. We're thinking beyond COVID with these resources, and we hope you are too!

COVID Partner Marketplace

Our partners have joined forces to create a Marketplace with their current business offerings for organizations experiencing the challenges of COVID-19.

See who's a part of our partner community:

Registration now open!

HR (Virtual) Coffee Hour

A series of get-togethers for hiring and recruiting professionals to share their hiring strategies for a post COVID-19 bounce back.

Additional Resources

Recruiting & Retaining for Healthcare

HR Coffee Hour

We hosted a (virtual) HR coffee hour for our HR Community where leaders in healthcare came together and discussed how to recruit and retain employees after COVID-19.

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Hiring Bounce Back

HR Coffee Hour

With our HR Community, we held a (virtual) HR Coffee Hour. We discussed the impact of COVID-19 on hiring today and strategized how we can effectively prepare our hiring strategies for an epic comeback.

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Tips on Hiring Remotely

Check out this blog post for our 3 tips on hiring talent remotely!

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Past HR Coffee Hours

Times are tough. Check out our webinar series where we discussed the changes and challenges of COVID-19 with our HR community.

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Remote Onboarding Checklist


From IT hardware to company swag, check out Workable's checklist for onboarding employees remotely.

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Recruiting in Times of Change


Join other TA professionals for Recruitee's on-demand webinar on recruiting in times of change (like now).

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Home Health & Senior Care: Tips on Hiring Tech

Efficient Hire

Visit Efficient Hire's blog for 5 things your hiring tech needs to do during this difficult time.

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Engaging & Retaining for Nonprofits

HR Coffee Hour

We hosted a (virtual) coffee hour for our nonprofit community where leaders in volunteer recruitment came together and discussed how to engage and retain volunteers post-COVID19.

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Preparing for the Post-COVID Hiring Rainbow

There's a rainbow after every storm. Is your hiring strategy ready for the hiring rainbow after COVID-19?

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What COVID-19 Means for Your Hiring Process


Watch JazzHR's on-demand webinar for insights on managing employees, digitizing your onboarding process, and more!

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Virtual Interview Playbook


Hiring remotely? Check out Hyrell's guide to conducting effective virtual interviews.

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Get the Most from Your Remote Staff


Remote working isn't going anywhere. Find out how to get the most out of your remote staff with this article by BambooHR.

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How to Write a Job Posting [Template]


The hiring bounce back is underway. Check out what CareerPlug's Director of HR has to say on writing an effective job posting.

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State-by-State Business Reopening Guidance

Chamber of Commerce

Stay up-to-date on each state's reopening stage(s) with guidance from the Chamber of Commerce.

Find your state

Some stuff to make you smile, too.

Theme Song Trivia

Enjoy a (virtual) game night with your community with our theme song trivia!

Working-From-Home Gifs

If you've been working from home, these gifs will seem all too relatable!

Positivity Playlist

Pause your worries and enjoy our positivity playlist, featuring some of the most classic jams!

Movie Clips

We made a selection of classic movie clips to inspire, motivate, and encourage you. See if you recognize some of them!

Community Good News

We've encouraged individuals around the nation to share some good news by using #CommunityIsGreater or by filling out our Community Survey below. Check out the good news happening in our communities nationwide!

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"The military and veteran community is thriving and willing to help transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses seek employment."
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"Our community was amazing at flattening the curve. The hospital was prepared for the patients of COVID-19. There was no panic among our hospital."
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"The Muskegon YMCA Veggie Van delivers fresh fruits, vegetables and meals to seniors in senior housing complexes so they don't have to go out to grocery stores during the pandemic."
LindaGlen Arm, MD
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"Every day, someone in our neighborhood, brings treats and flowers to all families. This is such a thoughtful idea, and all members are on board with this. It is refreshing to know that everyone is spend precious time, to distribute home baked goods, dinners, essential products, and yes flowers, to brighten everyone's day(s)! We really have some remarkable neighbors."
VanessaEdmonton Alberta, Canada
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"Keep on Keeping on."
TreasaCalvert City, KY
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"My church Pathway Baptist Church in Calvert City gave over $26,000 to the Calvert City workers that work for tips, but was out of work due to the virus. We collected money for several weeks, we are one big Family at Pathway. We also gave out over 500 meals with the help of area restaurants. They cooked and we delivered to those that could not get out or cook."
NicoleIndianapolis, IN
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"My mom lives in a nursing facility that has not had an influx of COVID-19 cases. Although she is very bored and says, she's sick of the Hallmark Channel, she is healthy and of sound mind!"
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"Our nonprofit has been able to remain open and active (with various changes due to Covid-19) during this time to continue to serve the much needed housing needs in our community."
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"I would like to share, that everything's going to be okay! :)"
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"Our church is giving away food and milk to the community and my neighbor and I are both growing gardens and we share what we grow."
Margaret New York
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"My 8th grandchild is due to be born any day!"
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"While trying to stay connected with my volunteers at our library, I started: You might be in quarantine if... This led to amazing stories of encouragement and funny dramas to keep us laughing over toilet paper and such. Our local history museum heard about this and asked us to share these stories for their project: "You are Living History" COVID-19 Project. Here they are archiving each addition so we can remember and share how this all changed us at this time in our lives."
IrisRaleigh, NC
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"We almost MADE IT!!... together... and only because we sucked up our own selfishness, stubbornness and became TEAM ORIENTED AND KIND...! Because we began to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR as the Bible has commanded... JOB WELL DONE... and remember there was a lesson in all of this... but we ain’t finished Y E T!!!"
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"It is so easy for there to be a disconnect between all of us and COVID-19 has shown us that our connection to each other is something that we could all put more effort into, quarantine or no quarantine."
Al Pennsylvania
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"Local businessman arranges a slow 30-truck, drive by memorial parade for a young man who tragically passed away at the age of 25 from a freakish dirt bike accident. The parade was led by local police vehicles and passed by the family and friends who were gathered at the young man's wake. Even during this time of social distancing, great people can show emotional tributes and support from a safe distance to the friends and family of this young man's passing."
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"That I am still vertical and breathing, which mean I can pay it forward from time to time to help others.
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"My family and I have been more active since sheltering in place has taken effect. We regularly go for walks and jump on the trampoline. My wife has taken up rollerblading regularly, and our daughter is on her bike more often. Having the time to go outside and enjoy each other's company has been nice."
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"Our employees have been extremely resilient during these challenging times. Also, our company has adapted from a technological standpoint better than any of us expected!"
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"That each day is a good when our eyes open and our feet hit the floor. My family is healthy and all my grandkids are happy and healthy. God has blessed us with jobs and sunny days. Also, taking a break from the tv and social media to help our minds breath. Been getting outside and just breathing and taking in the sun and God's wonders each day."
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"Everyone I know is still safe and COVID free."
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"I work in healthcare and have felt an outpouring of support. I’m basically a receptionist, so it doesn’t feel like I’m doing much these days, but patients have made us at the clinic feel so special. It definitely makes these scary days a little better."
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"The kiddos at the Boys and Girls Club in Garden City created a bunch of inspirational banners and artwork to display outside of the club to inspire other community members to stay positive and healthy!"
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"[COVID-19 has taught me] that even when we can’t physically be together, we can support each other through difficult times. Kind acts go a long way. In general, how lonely life would be without the community around us."
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"What has COVID-19 taught me about the importance of community? We were made for it!"
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"[COVID-19] has taught me that those small interactions between people, like a simple smile, really matter. We are all connected and need those small interactions. I know I’ve taken it for granted, but this pandemic has made me appreciate the simple things more."
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We are starting to phase out of the process here - gyms and bars are opening soon!

And again...

Thank you for all that you do!