(Virtual) HR Coffee Hours:

Hiring Bounce Back

A series of get-togethers for hiring and recruiting professionals to share their hiring strategies for a post-COVID19 bounce back.

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Past Coffee Hours:

Check out the recordings and recap notes of one of our (virtual) HR coffee hours where real people with real strategies came together to discuss how HR can conquer the post-COVID-19 hiring world.

Hiring Bounce Back Coffee Hour

Past Event: Hiring Bounce Back

With our HR Community, we held a (virtual) HR Coffee Hour. We discussed the impact of COVID-19 on hiring today and strategized how we can effectively prepare our hiring strategies for an epic comeback.
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Engaging & Retaining for Nonprofits

Engaging & Retaining Volunteers

We held a (virtual) get-together for nonprofit leaders to discuss how they can better engage and retain volunteers post-COVID19.
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Recruiting & Retaining for Healthcare

Recruiting & Retaining in Healthcare

We held a (virtual) get-together for healthcare organizations to discuss how to recruit and retain employees post-COVID19.
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Candidate Commitment

Candidate Commitment

We held a virtual get-together for HR leaders to discuss how to establish and maintain candidate commitment after COVID-19.
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