12 Relatable 'Working-From-Home' Gifs

May 14, 2020 by Verified First

12 Relatable Working-From-Home Gifs

While working from home (#WFH) isn’t an entirely ‘new’ thing, the COVID-19 pandemic normalized it in just a short period of time. And while many employers are preparing to bring employees back into the office, working remotely will be here for good for some organizations (Twitter peeps, we're looking at you). Nonetheless, whether you're done working remotely or continuing to do so, we thought we'd share some of the all too relatable moods of working from home.

And, of course, we’re giving them to you in the form of gifs.  

When it’s your first day working from homeahh throwback, right?

When the meeting host thinks they’re sharing their screen but they’re not.

When you try to make your daily “commute” a little more exciting.

When you start speaking at the same time as someone else during a meeting. Ohnoyou go aheno youoh. AWKWARD.  

When you learn to accept your distracting WFH coworkers.

Getting ready for your first remote interview with a candidate.

When you forget to mute yourself during a meeting... #guilty

When you try to implement some consistency to your WFH schedule—coffee shower anyone?

When you miss your coworkers a little too much.

When you think you got a lot done but… 

When it’s a Friday afternoon, but you still have a candidate to interview.

And, of course, when your employees say they miss you.

Whether you're still working from home or back in the office with your team, we're here for you! Check out our Community Resource page for more positive resources to get you through COVID-19.

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