Reasons We’re Thankful for HR

November 23, 2023 by Verified First

Reasons We're Thankful for HR

No matter the size or industry, human resources departments in every company help shape the cultures and attitudes of the organization. From managing every aspect of the employee lifecycle to creating and enforcing relevant standards and policies to curating the heart of the company culture, HR remains the foundation of every business. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take some time to share why we’re thankful for our incredible HR department here at Verified First. Here’s what some of the different departments had to say about our superstar HR team: 

HR Builds Dynamic and Cohesive Teams

At Verified First, our goal is to empower organizations with the knowledge to help them hire the right candidates for their business. That’s why our HR department here strives to do the same thing. Their dedication to attracting and retaining top talent is what continues to accelerate the company’s growth and development. 

“I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for our amazing Human Resources team. Their dedication to recruitment and talent acquisition as well as employee well-being have made a significant impact on our organization. Our team's success is a testament to their expertise in selecting the right candidates to join us. Their focus on benefits, wellness programs, and a supportive work environment to ensure our physical and mental health are greatly appreciated.” 

  • Elyzabeth Ambra, Chief Compliance Officer | Operations Department

HR Helps Make People Feel Valued

Human resources teams have a lot of responsibilities on their plate, but they still manage to go above and beyond their daily expectations. While they are busy making sure the day-to-day operations of the organization run smoothly, they are also actively curating and crafting company culture. Our HR team at Verified First helps celebrate employee and company wins, embracing a culture of support and encouragement. 

“Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer!.. the beautiful pairing of grace and power. HR keeps the workplace wheels turning smoothly. HR's not just there for the tough times; they celebrate your wins too! KACHOW!” 

  • Kaitlyn Rivera, Client Success Manager | Client Services Department

HR Creates an Engaging and Connected Culture

Even for companies operating in person, creating an engaging and uplifting workplace culture can be challenging. That’s why we’re extra grateful for the time and energy the HR team at Verified First puts into crafting our remote company culture. Not only do they manage the wellbeing of our employees, but they also manage the dynamics of the company. They create special experiences and opportunities for the entire organization to connect and feel united. 

“Being a mostly remote/virtual company, it can be difficult to maintain a unified culture, but our HR team organizes events for the entire company to participate in which help us maintain the winning culture we all signed onto when joining the company.”

  • David Sajn, Vice President of Sales | Sales Department 

HR Fosters and Represents Company Values

The role of HR in a company’s culture is very diverse. From fostering diversity and inclusion to creating a positive and supportive work environment, and everything in between, HR has a lot on its plate. HR departments continue to prioritize organizational goals while managing their own objectives, searching for new growth opportunities, and finding benefits and solutions that make their employees feel valued. 

“Our HR team is nothing short of remarkable in their ability to cultivate an engaging and inclusive workplace culture. From Office Olympics to virtual meet and greets with new team members, our small but mighty HR team consistently finds ways to turn mundane moments into memorable experiences, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Plus, they have this commitment to fostering an environment where every individual feels valued and heard, and it’s truly an honor to be a part of a culture this great! Thank you, HR!”

  • Olivia Carter, Vice President of Partner Management and Marketing | Partner Management & Marketing Departments

HR Helps Business Run Smoothly

HR teams are constantly multitasking to ensure the everyday functions of the business are running smoothly. HR professionals wear many hats. Handling payroll and benefits, managing compliance regulations, sourcing new talent for the organization, and fostering employee well-being are just some of the main priorities HR teams handle each day.

“Join us in celebrating our outstanding HR team – the driving force behind our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our cherished clients. They're the backbone of our team-building, compliance assurance, employee development, and the overall excellence that makes Verified First stand out. At the heart of our success lies our incredible people, and our HR team champions their support and the creation of remarkable teams, which we all benefit from.  Thank you HR team for everything you do.

  • Jim Miles, Chief Executive Officer | Verified First

To Every HR Department

This Thanksgiving season, we are grateful not only for our HR team here at Verified First but for every human resources professional. The ongoing work you do each day to transform workplaces and their culture does not go unnoticed. Thank you to all of those who contribute to our phenomenal HR department, and every HR department around the nation.

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