How Background Screening Can Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

January 18, 2024 by Verified First

Background Screening Can Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting top talent in 2024 is a challenge, to say the least. Not only is there a talent shortage, but hiring and recruitment managers also cite difficulties finding the right fit, reducing hiring time, improving the candidate experience, and more. But what if there was a proven solution to help organizations like yours improve their recruitment strategy from end to end? 

Luckily for you, there is, and the solution is much simpler than you might think: background screening. Organizations that utilize background screening in their recruitment process are 2x more likely to improve their quality of hire and 3x more likely to improve their time to fill a position. 

Let’s explore the benefits of integrating background screening into your recruitment strategy, the steps to building a screening process, and how to get started. 

Benefits of Background Screening for Recruitment & Hiring

Background checks offer employers a wide range of benefits, including everything from finding and attracting more qualified candidates to improving your bottom line. Here are some of the ways background screening can help improve your organization’s recruitment and hiring strategy: 

Improve Your Quality of Hire 

A thorough and efficient background screening process can help you find and attract more qualified candidates and determine the right fit for your organization. Background checks help identify the most qualified candidates for the role quickly and efficiently.

By thoroughly vetting job applicants' criminal, employment, education, and other relevant history, you can better ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the role's duties. This helps reduce the risk of a wrong fit and improve the overall quality of your new hires. 

Reduce Your Time to Fill 

In business, time equals money. And in recruiting, time can also mean the loss of top talent. The average time to fill a position in the US is around 40 days, but top talent is usually only on the market for ten days. Many employers try to shorten their hiring process by skipping a background check, but that’s not guaranteed to actually reduce your overall time to fill a position. The key is balancing speed and accuracy when conducting a background check. 

Utilizing an accredited background screening provider can help you reduce the time it takes to fill a position by identifying and vetting qualified candidates quickly. When you screen with Verified First, the average turnaround time is almost 9x faster. 

Better the Candidate Experience

In this job seeker’s market, making a good first impression is essential. A negative hiring and onboarding experience can lead to dissatisfied employees who end up leaving the organization. In contrast, job applicants who had a positive candidate experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer. An efficient and transparent background screening process can help demonstrate to candidates that you respect their time and value their needs while creating a positive first impression. 

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

A thorough background screening program can reduce your manual processes, therefore giving more time back to your hiring managers and recruiters. Utilizing a background screening provider will also increase accuracy, making your recruitment and hiring processes more efficient. In the long run, a solid screening program will help ensure your new hires have the right skills and experience, improving productivity and efficiency. 

Mitigate Risk 

Negligent hiring lawsuits can cost your organization millions of dollars and ruin your reputation. Many employers choose to use their own discretion when hiring candidates with potential flags in their background checks; however, requirements can vary based on state and industry regulations. The key is to make a decision with the full understanding of all the facts, which a background check can help deliver. 

Strengthening Your Recruitment Strategy With Screening

Determining the right background screening program that aligns with your organization's recruitment strategy can be difficult. Here are actionable steps to start integrating background screening into your recruitment and hiring process:

  1. Create a Written Screening Policy 

Establishing a standardized background screening policy can help your organization and potential candidates understand expectations and requirements. Your written policy should clearly define your reasons for conducting background checks, what is expected of applicants for screens, your disqualification criteria, and any relevant compliance information

  1. Define Your Onboarding Process 

Be transparent with potential candidates about roles and responsibilities, onboarding processes and expectations, and communication styles. Clear, thorough communication during your onboarding process will help create a positive candidate experience and structure for your new hires. Some ways to do this include creating onboarding packets, partnering new hires with established employees, and creating a thorough onboarding plan. 

  1. Partner With a Background Screening Provider

Finding and recruiting top talent and onboarding new employees is challenging enough without the right tools and technologies in place. Partnering with a background screening provider, specifically one that already integrates with your chosen recruiting software, can help alleviate a lot of the work on your HR team's plate. 

Streamlining Your Recruitment Strategy with Verified First

Selecting the right recruitment ATS and background screening provider is critical to efficiently attracting, onboarding, and retaining top talent. When you partner with Verified First, we stand alongside your business to facilitate your screening needs, help you stay compliant, and better manage your recruitment and onboarding processes. 

Verified First seamlessly integrates 100+ industry-leading hiring and talent management solutions to help you streamline hiring from start to finish. With our extensive partner ecosystem, you can effortlessly plug screening, drug testing, and more directly into your established HR tech stack and start screening in seconds.

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