Your Guide to Simplified Healthcare Hiring

January 4, 2024 by Verified First

Your Guide to Simplified Healthcare Hiring

A career in the healthcare field can be very fulfilling. Many people working in this industry report great satisfaction in helping patients recover from health conditions and physical challenges. However, recruiters in healthcare can attest to the challenges that often arise, including high turnover and stiff competition. 

We put together a comprehensive guide to healthcare hiring with tips to help you simplify the process and boost your recruiting efforts. 

A Look at the World of Healthcare 

Healthcare encompasses a wide range of organizations, professionals, and services, all of whom share a common goal: helping people feel better. Some of the most common locations include hospitals, inpatient and outpatient care facilities, dental and medical clinics, and assisted living facilities. Biotech, research, health insurance, and pharmaceutical organizations also fit under the healthcare umbrella.

The Unique Struggles of Healthcare Recruiting

The healthcare sector plays a critical role in society. Sick, injured, and otherwise suffering individuals seek care for their mental and physical health needs. An increased need for healthcare due to an aging population has put further strain on the industry, as have the effects of the recent health pandemic. Some people suffer from ongoing conditions that require extensive care, while others seek treatment for an acute problem. No matter the situation, the need for healthcare is indisputable.

However many healthcare organizations deal with high turnover rates, making it more challenging to keep positions filled and provide people with the care they need. Additionally, significant growth can impact recruiting needs, resulting in difficulty filling roles as fast as they open up. 

The need for highly trained and skilled professionals is another challenge associated with healthcare hiring efforts. Many roles require the completion of specialized education, as well as compliance with regulatory standards and licensing needs. In certain areas, there is a definite shortage of qualified, skilled workers, causing positions to go unfilled for weeks or more.

Small organizations and facilities may have further challenges associated with staffing, lacking the necessary resources to compete for top talent. Professionals working in the field can experience burnout, resulting in them leaving the industry and seeking employment elsewhere.

How to Improve Healthcare Hiring 

These hiring challenges are certainly impacting those working in the healthcare field, which can cause the recruiting process to feel impossible. That’s why we compiled seven hiring tips to help you strengthen your efforts and find talented, skilled individuals to fill open healthcare positions.

Reduce how long it takes to fill roles

When applicants have to wait to hear from your company regarding positions they applied for, they might lose patience and accept a role elsewhere. Don’t let top talent slip away – focus on reducing the time to fill in your hiring process.

Look for ways to streamline steps in your recruitment process, such as pre-employment background screening. Utilizing a screening provider that integrates with your chosen technology can improve your time-to-hire by reducing manual steps and improving both accuracy and speed. Verified First seamlessly integrates with ApplicantStack to help transform your hiring process from start to finish. With the click of a button, users can easily order, manage, and review Verified First's background screening solutions all within the ApplicantStack platform. 

Build a pool of previous applicants

Want to hire faster? Try building a pool of previous applicants. When you keep the information of those who have applied on file, you can always pull it up to search through potentially qualified and skilled people to fill roles as they open up. Even when your organization isn’t actively recruiting, offer a way to submit a resume and keep it in your pool. 

Offer training and development opportunities

Although some healthcare roles require specific experience and licensure, others may be able to be filled by individuals who are interested in undergoing on-the-job training. Look for different positions that may be open to applicants with less formal training and develop a training and mentorship program to increase their chances of success. 

Focus on company culture

Word gets around in the healthcare industry, and your company culture will play a role in whether skilled professionals want to seek employment there. Make sure your company culture is supportive and professional. Communicate what the organization is aiming to achieve through all channels used in the recruiting process. 

Rely on social media

It’s easy to overlook social media when recruiting for healthcare positions, but you could be missing out on a valuable resource. Sharing open roles is often free and easy to do, and your existing employees can also share the information with their own networks, getting it in front of a wider audience. Take advantage of social media to attract skilled professionals. 

Use niche job boards

Mainstream job boards are certainly useful in recruiting healthcare professionals, but it’s also worth utilizing niche boards to reach candidates working in this field. Some applicants only use niche boards, such as Healthcare Jobsite, Health eCareers, and CareerVitals. Ensure that all open positions are included on these boards to get in front of skilled and appropriate candidates. 

Create competitive benefits packages

When recruiting in a competitive market, your organization needs to stand apart. The culture is certainly part of that, as potential employees want to know that they’re coming into a supportive and positive atmosphere. But another significant factor that can impact healthcare hiring efforts is the benefits being offered.

Make sure your benefits packages are highly competitive and appealing to those seeking employment. Look for ways to incorporate options that today’s employees are looking for, like flexible work hours and access to health and wellness programs.

Utilize the Right Tools in Healthcare Hiring

Navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare hiring requires the right tools and strategies. Combining ApplicantStack by SwipeClock’s applicant-tracking platform with Verified First's background screening integration is a seamless way for healthcare recruiters and hiring managers to improve their processes and save valuable time, effort, and money. 

ApplicantStack offers a powerful applicant-tracking solution that simplifies the hiring process while incorporating the latest features essential for recruiting top talent. Complementing this, Verified First's background screening solution, conveniently connects to ApplicantStack’s platform to ensure a comprehensive and accurate assessment of candidates, which is crucial in making informed decisions for critical healthcare roles

Together, these tools form a dynamic duo, empowering healthcare recruiters with the efficiency and precision needed to build strong, competent teams in an ever-evolving industry. 

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