2021 Ceridian World Tour Overview: Las Vegas

October 13, 2021 by Verified First

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Our partner, Ceridian, recently hosted its Ceridian World Tour in Vegas. This year’s conference agenda included a range of sessions on culture, talent, pay, and workforce experiences, including a wide range of experts sharing their experiences and theories for hiring in the future. 

This year’s Ceridian World Tour was so invaluable, we curated an overview of what happened just for you! Read on for exclusive insight from guest speakers and some of the event’s top experience sessions.

Special Guest Keynote Overview

The conference kicked-off with an opening keynote led by industry leaders from Amazon, SHRM, OTG Management, and Ceridian. The topic of discussion revolved around our quickly-evolving workforce. Spoiler alert: The pandemic has created permanent changes to daily operations and interactions. Throughout the rest of the conference, there were three special guest keynotes, who each shared a captivating take on success. 

Billy Beane, the inspiration for critically acclaimed “Moneyball,” used many real-life anecdotes to emphasize the importance of leveraging big data. His philosophy has been adopted by organizations across all industries. 

Kat Cole, Former COO and President of FOCUS Brands, discussed the challenges she faced over the years, with a special emphasis on the radical events of 2020. More specifically, Cole explained how crowdsourcing and pattern identification has the ability to transform your company culture into a faster change machine to build trust. 

The final special guest keynote was led by Tim Urban, the force behind the blog Wait but Why and the leader of the most-watched TED Talk of 2016. Backed by research, Urban unpacked how the future of work favors those who reject tradition. Urban engaged the audience with a thoughtful statement, “What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” 

The sentiments of each thought-leader can be intertwined with the following call to action — spend time re-evaluating and re-prioritizing personal and professional goals in a way that is flexible, open-minded, and outcome-oriented.

While the guest speakers each shared amazing stories and wisdom, the heart of the tour lies within the core sessions, all of which fall into one of the following categories: Culture, Talent, Pay, and Workforce.

Culture Experience Sessions

The first session, Building Culture and Collaboration in a Hybrid Workplace, examined how the very definition of workplace culture has changed as more employees work remotely and organizations adopt modern work models. This session’s experts urged mid- and top-level managers to identify when their people are disconnected. Organizations need to find ways to replace “walk down the hall interactions” as operations become increasingly remote.

The second session, Strategies to Become a Diversity and Inclusion Leader, identified that most organizations agree they need to incorporate DEI in all facets of work, but saying it and actually doing it successfully are two different things. The Ceridian Global Head of DEI, Donnebra McClendon, shared five strategies to become a diversity and inclusion leader:

  1. Establish a top-down and a bottom-up organizational commitment.
  2. Gather quantitative and qualitative data.
  3. Identify opportunities to create equity.
  4. Lead with proactive acts of inclusion.
  5. Individualize the learning experience.

To end the discussion, Director of DEI for the Indianapolis Colts, Brian Richardson Jr., expressed he doesn’t believe anyone is “woke,” because being “woke” is a destination. Instead, we should dedicate ourselves to becoming culturally humble.

Talent Experience Sessions

The first session, Hire Faster, Hire Better, Retain Your Best: How Advancements in Talent Technology are Changing the Game, explored how to put measures in place to stay ahead in the war for talent. The second session, Overcoming the Great Resignation: Retain Your Top People in the Most Competitive Market in History, addressed similar themes. The sessions on talent, built off of each other to paint a clear picture of the challenges we face in the workforce and how to overcome them.

Somen Mondal, one of the talent experience experts, revealed a shocking statistic during the first session: up to 90% of candidates never hear back! Recruiters are faced with an insurmountable challenge, and it’s likely not what they signed up for. For the speaker and many others, this problem in hiring (that extends to a problem with turnover by the way) is the result of inaccuracy, inefficiency, and unfairness throughout the hiring process. The solution is to focus on collecting and interpreting raw, enriched, and inferred data. Although it may sound counterintuitive to the data collection strategy, employers should dually focus on creating relationships once the screening process has been completed.

Pay Experience Session

The session on the pay experience, Pay Strategies for Global Organizations, explored the many layers of complexity associated with managing payroll structures on such a massive scale. The experts discussed strategies to improve operational efficiency across multiple locations, including finding your “champions.” In order to drive a global project, it is imperative that the right people are in the right positions.

Workforce Experience Sessions

The workforce experience sessions focused on achieving compliance on a global scale. The first discussion, Global Workforce Management in a Borderless World, focused on the importance of compliance. As you move toward global operations, being compliant is imperative to your long-term success. 

The Challenge: Lack of a formal or reactive compliance plan keeps the global workforce at risk.

The Solution: Be proactive, not reactive.

The main takeaway from the second session, More Growth, More Complexity: Managing Compliance as Your Business Expands Globally, is that compliance with legislation is only getting more complex as new laws are introduced and old laws change.

Key Takeaways from the Ceridian World Tour

Overall, the Ceridian World Tour explored a vast array of relevant topics to the current and forward-looking workforce. Whether attendees were online or in-person, the energy was high and questions were explorative. 

Interested in more discussions designed to help you transform your operations and prepare for the borderless, fluid workplace of the future? Registration is open for New York and London tours. Or, you can join us for an upcoming HR at the Table webinar to learn from HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders from some of America’s more notable leaders!

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