How to Reverse the ‘She-cession’:
Recruit, Retain, and Advance Women

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How to Reverse the ‘She-cession’: Recruit, Retain, and Advance Women

From the ‘great resignation’ to this year’s global ‘talent migration,’ employers have been experiencing one of the most volatile talent markets of the decade. In the midst of it all, today’s talent market is also experiencing its first-ever ‘she-cession’ — an economic decline where job and income losses are affecting women significantly more than men. The impact is significant with more than 11 million women losing their jobs and nearly 3 million leaving the workforce earlier this year. 

That’s why we hosted How to Reverse She-cession: Recruit, Retain, and Advance Women. During this webinar session, we explored strategies and techniques to reverse this she-cession with an emphasis on recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in the workforce.

Topics Include:

  • Exploring the current challenges facing women in the workplace, including the unique impact of COVID-19 on the female workforce
  • The role of customized employee experiences on retaining and supporting women at work
  • The importance of ongoing education and mentorships in advancing women and curating future leaders
  • How technology can encourage diversity and inclusion

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Meet Our Speakers:

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Sydnee Bender, HR Recruiting Specialist
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Jessica Rowe, Partner Marketing Manager
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