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With 60% of companies now citing quality of hire as their #1 recruitment challenge, it’s time to take a deep dive on getting quality candidates in the boat!

Be shore you’re hiring the best candidates by joining Verified First on a voyage through the latest research and trends in quality of hire. From selecting the bait to reeling them in, we explore how HR can optimize each step of the hiring process to focus on quality.

Six Screening Questions Catch Quality Hires Infographic Verified First

6 Screening Questions to Make Better Hiring Decisions

Quality of Hire is HR’s #1 recruitment challenge, according to Aptitude Research. To help overcome this, here are six interview questions that uncover whether or not you have a great catch.

Tip Sheet: 4 Steps to Build a Quality of Hire Strategy

Hiring with a focus on quality can lead to increased retention, profits and employee satisfaction. Here are the best practices for building an effishient quality of hire strategy.​

E-Book: How To Catch Quality Hires

Learn how to uncover quality in each stage of the hiring process.

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60% of companies cite quality of hire as their #1 recruitment challenge. This research-packed 13 page E-Book includes:

  • How to define quality of hire
  • How to measure quality of hire
  • Best practices on improving quality of hire
  • Getting the best hires in the boat

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