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With the click of a button, Recruitee users can access Verified First's background screening solutions in Recruitee's ATS platform. With the Verified First browser extension, Recruitee users can easily order, track, and manage background checks, verifications, and so much more all within Recruitee.

Plus, this integration is as effortless as downloading an app! All you have to do is download the extension from your web browser's store, log in, and start screening. With the click of button, you'll have an integration as robust as a traditional API integration without the hassle! And the cherry on top? This browser extension integration is free!

Sounds like a dream? Pinch! Try it for yourself!

  1. Download the VF Connector in your desired web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or New Edge
  2. Open it in Recruitee's platform
  3. Start screening with Verified First!

about Recruitee 

Designed with growing teams in mind, Recruitee is built to help companies launch their hiring, scale their teams, and lead their organizations. Whether you are organizing your recruitment for the first time, in the hyper-growth stage, or driving your organization’s strategy via hiring practices, you can find the tools you need to take your hiring practices to the next level. With Recruitee, companies like Greenpeace, Scotch & Soda, and Karl Lagerfeld, are transforming their businesses with collaborative hiring. Today, over 3,000 companies use Recruitee, including Hudson's Bay, Usabilla, Toyota, Dunkin, 5CA, and Vice.

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Let Verified First and Recruitee:

About Verified First

There are hundreds of background screening service providers to choose from, so what makes Verified First stand out? Compared to popular background screening companies, Verified First offers robust screening services with industry-leading customer care and cutting-edge technology. Unlike the big-box providers, Verified First is a privately-owned Idaho company, so we can focus on the needs of our customers and not the whims of shareholders. Experience the difference in service, technology, and client care—get to know Verified First!

  • Easy integration reduces data entry and saves you time.
  • Rapid turnaround time for most clear searches.
  • Our client care team is U.S. based and has a 98% satisfaction rating (you read that right, 98%!)
  • Competitive pricing, no commitment, no minimums.