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Verified First integrates with Greenhouse via browser extension, enabling background screening within the Greenhouse ATS. With the click of a button, Greenhouse users can easily order, review, and manage Verified First's background screening solutions within Greenhouse. And while it's robust enough to look like an API integration - button and all - it's built for ease of use. It's a high-tech solution built for low-tech people. Oh and the best part? It's free!

Not convinced? Try it for yourself!

  1. Download the VF Connector in your desired web browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or New Edge
  2. Open it in the Greenhouse platform
  3. Start screening with Verified First!

about Greenhouse 

With an approach to hiring that is built around structured interviewing for a seamless, effective, and fair recruiting process that aims to reduce unconscious bias, Greenhouse's suite of Talent Acquisition technologies set the standard for intelligently guided hiring that sets Talent teams up for success.
With Greenhouse Recruiting, you can:
  • Use a scorecard of key attributes to rate all candidates against the same requirements

  • Eliminate chaos with an organized interview plan
  • Using machine learning through Greenhouse Predicts, to better forecast candidate offer acceptance and new hire start dates,
  • Build reports for pipeline funnel visibility, observe trends over time, and compare the key metrics that matter
  • Nudges and automated alerts keep candidates moving throughout the process to make for a streamlined and excellent candidate experience
  • Automate surveys to measure candidate experience and get valuable feedback
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Let Verified First and Greenhouse:

About Verified First

There are hundreds of background screening service providers to choose from, so what makes Verified First stand out? Compared to popular background screening companies, Verified First offers robust screening services with industry-leading customer care and cutting-edge technology. Unlike the big-box providers, Verified First is a privately-owned Idaho company, so we can focus on the needs of our customers and not the whims of shareholders. Experience the difference in service, technology, and client care—get to know Verified First!

  • Easy integration reduces data entry and saves you time.
  • Rapid turnaround time for most clear searches.
  • Our client care team is U.S. based and has a 98% satisfaction rating (you read that right, 98%!)
  • Competitive pricing, no commitment, no minimums.