PayMaster Case Study


​​PayMaster is a payroll processing company that provides the best payroll services available, which is accomplished through excellent customer service and affordable prices. To meet customer needs, they also include additional HR services provided through key partners. Because their clients are like family, PayMaster seeks partners that provide genuine value and high standards for customer care.

The Problem

To retain clients, PayMaster needs to provide efficient solutions that meet their needs. PayMaster’s former background screening vendor had several obstacles for clients to overcome. These challenges included a difficult integration process and a delay in obtaining screening results, adding time to hiring and onboarding new employees.

When approached by Verified First, Romeo Chicco, founder of PayMaster, was initially skeptical about a partnership. In the past, he had many companies approach him with partnership opportunities that did not provide equal benefit to PayMaster. He was pleasantly surprised when Verified First not only delivered everything it promised, but also provided new value to his company.

The Solution

Verified First added value to PayMaster and its clients in the following ways:

  • Easy integration process and rapid screenings. Verified First’s patented technology reduces integration time with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) from weeks to minutes, removing any system downtime. Additionally, Verified First’s diverse screening products usually provide results a day or two faster than the industry average.
  • Consolidation of HR services. Because PayMaster seeks to provide clients with a one stop shop, they benefit from Verified First’s easy integration and background screenings services.
  • Ongoing support for PayMaster’s clients and sales team. Verified First provides customer support for integration, onboarding, and screenings run through their platform. Additionally, Verified First has empowered PayMaster’s sales team with training and resources on background screenings, giving them everything needed to be successful.

The Results

Since the start of their partnership, PayMaster has seen the difference it’s made to their company:

  • Increased Client Satisfaction—Verified First has improved hiring efficiencies with our easily integrated background screening solutions.
  • Increased Background Screening Volume—The platform’s ease of use has increased the volume of background screenings.
  • Enhanced Client Relations—Consolidating HR services through Verified First has enhanced client retention.
  • Reduced Client’s Workload—Shifting the administrative burden of integration and onboarding to Verified First saves an estimated hour a week per client. With clients located in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Guam, these annual savings can be significant.

Because Verified First shares the same client focused approach as PayMaster, Romeo has full confidence referring his clients to them. He said, “I am protective of my clients because they are like family to me. I only want partners who provide the same level of client care and I have found that in Verified First. Because they create a seamless experience to running background searches in PayMaster HCM, I believe our clients will embrace the speed and ease of the process.”


Because of the partnership’s success, PayMaster is scheduling weekly meetings to discuss future collaboration opportunities with Verified First.

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