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Reinventing the Volunteer Experience

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Season 1 | Episode 1:

Reinventing the Volunteer Experience

Guest Speaker: Connie Stopher

Volunteers are essential to our society. Not only does volunteering help individuals in social development, but it also fosters an environment of contribution and community. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and ever-changing socioeconomic concerns, volunteer commitment and engagement have been drastically impacted. How can nonprofit and church organizations reinvent their volunteer experience to recruit and engage committed volunteers to support their missions? To help answer this question, we interviewed Connie Stopher.

Together, we explored:

  • Challenges facing the volunteer community
  • The importance of social capital
  • Components of a thoughtful recruitment method
  • The art to building a rewarding volunteer experience

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Meet this episode's expert guest: Connie Stopher

connie stopher

Executive Director at Economic Development Coalition

Connie has always sought out leadership roles and volunteered when she could to help people. She thinks that is what has driven her in the direction of economic development, and human resources. Over the years, Connie has gained training and experience in economic development, human resources, and in improving organizational structure and synergy. She has extensive experience working with a variety of industries and governmental agencies to successfully complete projects.

This has given her the opportunity to be a leader of change in her community and within the organizations she works to improve the quality of life and job satisfaction for many people. Connie loves being able to foster positive change.

Connie is very goal-oriented, and internally motivated. She is driven by a desire to positively impact others. Connie is constantly in search of ways to improve her skills, knowledge, and the quality of her work.

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