[ Drug Screening Webinar ]

Navigating the High Road: Compliance Strategies for Cannabis-Related Employment Laws in California & Washington

Join us: February 27th at 2PM ET

Compliance Strategies for Cannabis-Related Employment Laws

Speaker: Nick Hartman, Drug Screening Consultant

In 45 minutes, we explored what new workplace drug screening laws entail for the states of Washington and California, as well as how they may impact employers nationwide. We also discussed how you can prepare your organization for new drug screening requirements in 2024 and answer any questions regarding drug screening solutions.

Topics we covered include:

  • Understanding the Legislative Changes & Impact on Employers
  • Drug Testing Updates: California (AB 2188)
  • Drug Testing Updates: Washington (SB 5123)
  • Alternative Drug Screening Methods

We also answer questions and discussed Verified First’s solutions to help you navigate these new requirements.

Expert Drug Screening Consultant

Nick Hartman, Drug Screening Compliance Institute

Nick Hartman Headshot Official

Nick is an Accredited Drug Screening Industry Consultant and advisor who has built, implemented, and managed drug-free workplace programs for thousands of employers across the U.S. and abroad for more than 17 years. Nick's expertise focuses on state, federal, case law, and subject-specific compliance research, policy, training, education, litigation support, research, and consulting. He has written and edited numerous articles and publications and regularly shares his industry expertise and thought leadership webinars and at various local, regional, and national speaking events.