What You Should Know About Historical I-9

October 18, 2023 by Verified First

What You Should Know About Historical I-9

Managing your organization’s Form I-9 process and compliance can be particularly stressful and challenging without the proper tools and processes in place. Changing regulations, shifting organizational roles, and dysregulated paper I-9 processes can lead to heavy fines and damage to your brand’s reputation. What if there was a solution that helped manage your Form I-9s, keep you organized, and help you maintain compliance? 

Luckily for you, there is. Verified First is thrilled to introduce our latest solution: Historical I-9

Do you have unscalable or disorganized paper I-9 forms? With Historical I-9, you can easily house all your I-9 documents in one place, including files that did not originate in Verified First’s Tracker solution. Let’s explore what Historical I-9 is, the benefits of Historical I-9, and how you can get started with Verified First. 

What is Historical I-9?

Historical I-9 allows you to transcribe existing Form I-9 records, completed on paper or using a different platform, into the digital Tracker I-9 system. As you know, the I-9 process can be complicated and challenging to manage. This solution aims to make the entire process easier by keeping you organized and compliant. 

Benefits of Historical I-9

Staying organized and compliant with the Form I-9 process is half the battle. Ordering Form I-9s with the Verified First integration simplifies and automates the I-9 process. 

Did you know that 76% of paper Form I-9s have at least one fineable error? ICE can fine up to $2,332 per substantive Form I-9 error, which means keeping your Form I-9 process organized and compliant should be a top priority. 

Historical I-9 helps you do just that. By digitally transcribing all your Form I-9 records and housing them in a single place, you can easily maintain compliance, stay organized, and simplify your organization’s I-9 process. Here are some of the benefits your organization can expect by automating your Form I-9 process with Historical I-9: 

  • Efficient streamlined hiring processes
  • Built-in compliance tools
  • Expert audit support
  • A Fully encrypted, cloud-based solution

Implementing Historical I-9 by Verified First

Implementing Historical I-9 for your organization is simple! Whether you are already using our Tracker I-9 solution or not, Verified First makes it easy to identify and select the best course of action for your organization. Here are the preferred processing methods our Historical I-9 solution offers: 

Migration with Remediation

Have a large group of paper I-9s to migrate and want to ensure error-free results? Verified First will work with you and our I-9 Vendor to devise a plan of action to get these uploaded electronically and make any necessary corrections. 

Migration Without Remediation

Have a large group of I-9s to migrate and are confident they are compliant? Verified First will work with you and our I-9 Vendor to get these uploaded to our system as easily as possible. 

Order by Order

Have just a few I-9s to migrate? Manually key in existing I-9 data for each employee with ease at a cost-effective price point.

Ready to get started with Historical I-9? Let us know!

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