Verified First and Surge Resources Partner to Improve PEO Hiring Solution

August 31, 2017 by Verified First

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Verified First, the premier background and drug screening company in North America, announced a partnership with Surge Resources, a PEO which offers world class human resources services to growing companies. This partnership will allow Surge Resources to leverage Verified First’s comprehensive background screening tools to vet prospective employees.

Verified First’s portal allow users to quickly request a variety of background screenings on prospective employees. The portal interface is intuitive and designed to encourage users to observe FCRA and EEOC laws that govern background screenings, making it easier to comply with these important regulations. These features, combined with Verified First’s proprietary technology, significantly improve time-to-hire when screening candidates.

These features are valuable for Surge Resources, which delivers comprehensive human resources services to a wide variety of clients. Through providing clients with a workforce management program customized to their individual needs, their clients can develop the best workforce possible while focusing on growing their businesses. The addition of Verified First’s background screening tools will allow Surge Resources to provide even more value to clients. 

“Surge Resources is well positioned to deliver background screening solutions,” said Devon Dickinson, CEO of Verified First. “Through their consolidation of HR services, Surge Resources saves significant time for their clients and helps them attract and retain a healthy workforce.” 

Surge Resources also finds mutual value from the partnership. “After trying several other background search companies, we are so pleased with Verified First.  The ease and logic of on-line usage and the speed with which they deliver results are unparalleled in our experience.  We especially benefit from email transmission of the authorization to our new, far-flung, hires,” said Jay Printzlau, General Counsel.

About Surge Resources

Founded in 1987, Surge Resources, Inc. has never wavered from its vision of offering world class human resources services to innovative growing companies. Today, we are in partnership with hundreds of diverse business entities in multiple states and co-employ thousands of people. Surge provides its clients with a total workforce management program customized to their individual needs. This enables our clients to attract and retain the best possible workforce while never losing focus of their top priority - running and growing their business.

About Verified First

Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, Verified First is the premier background and drug screening company. Our customizable search solutions help companies of all industries validate and verify potential employees. We take pride in our ability to work with organizations of all sizes, and our global reach enables us to solve even the toughest background screening challenges quickly and efficiently.

Contact: Ian Bellais, Director of Business Development, Verified First, LLC., direct: 888-852-8504

About Verified First
Verified First is known for delivering streamlined background screening backed by the best client support, and for developing the easiest, fastest HR system integrations, for free. Our client support team is U.S.-based, answers calls in seconds, resulting in hundreds of positive testimonials and a 96% customer satisfaction. Verified First's patent-pending, award-winning integrations include over 100 applicant tracking systems, and provide clients a turn-key experience.

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