Top HR Predictions of 2020

January 8, 2020 by Verified First

Top HR Predictions of 2020 by Industry Analysts

The New Year is always an exciting time. Beyond the glitz and the glam of New Year's Eve, the New Year brings us a plethora of things to look forward to. Whether it's a "new you" or a new accomplishment or job, 2020 is bound to include something you are so daringly looking forward to. This year, we suggest looking forward in 2020 with the industry's leading analysts and their top predictions for HR.

In an era of automation, reskilling will be crucial | Josh Bersin

Industry-leading analyst, Josh Bersin, released a comprehensive report on his 2020 predictions and advice. One that stood out was his prediction on how automation will impact workers. He found that 47% of companies are automating jobs, meaning individuals across industries have to reskill themselves and/or change careers. Josh said this is something that companies should help with.

“In this coming year of automation and AI, I believe helping people reinvent themselves may be the number one key to prosperity in your company and in society as a whole,” he said. He continued by explaining how HR tech can help with this-- there are lots of new tools and systems for reskilling employees. He predicts these tools will get increasingly popular.

We highly suggest taking a look at the rest of Josh Bersin's 2020 predictions, but if you don’t have the time, here are a few more of his 2020 predictions:

  • Employee experience is still key
  • Learning is a top priority-- even if it’s disrupting
  • Take the wellbeing market seriously

Workplaces will need to adapt to flexible workplaces this year | Madeline Laurano

Industry-leading analyst and founder of Aptitude Research, Madeline Laurano has made an acute prediction that the gig economy will only continue to grow in 2020, causing ever-changing hiring challenges and trends. Companies have already experienced the forces of 2019’s gig economy, but in 2020, companies will need to adapt and get comfortable with regularly recruiting and training temporary and contract employees, including temporary employees who work for a day and contract workers who stay for years. To adapt to the flexible workplaces 2020’s gig economy will bring, Madeline recommends a total talent acquisition strategy, meaning adopting one framework that manages the recruitment and management of these employees. Visit her blog for more details on developing a total talent acquisition strategy. 

HR technology will get personal | Steve Boese

HRE columnist and co-host of the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve Boese, said that HR technology should be like an iPhone-- each new iPhone starts off exactly the same. By adding apps, iPhone owners should be able to create the product they want to address their needs. Steve explained that HR technology will be like that in 2020-- users will be able to make HR tech solutions work exactly the way they want it to to fulfill their HR needs and strategy.

In his HRE article, Steve stated, “HR-technology solutions will develop even more flexibility, adaptability and modularity (like your phone’s app store) in order to give users almost unfettered ability to tailor their workplace technologies to their own preferences, giving them more control over their data, their workflows and their experiences.”

Companies will go (even more) remote | George LaRocque

According to his Workplace Intelligence Report, HRWins Founder, George LaRocque, found that 62% of employers found the ability to work remotely had a positive impact on work. With such findings, George predicts that more companies will offer remote work in 2020. He explained that with co-working spaces becoming increasingly available, it’s more viable for employees to efficiently work remotely. Whether employees work from home, in a coffee shop or in a co-working space, the point is that they have more flexibility.

“Employers finding ways to promote flexible work arrangements will find themselves ahead of the game when it comes to employee experience and engagement,” said George.

When employees are happier and more engaged, employee retention and success will drastically improve.

Analytics will stay crucial in HR| Jason Averbook

HRE analyst Jason Averbook predicts that workforce data-driven insights should be the top priority for businesses in 2020. He calls this year the “decade of data” (and a leap year).

“We’re finally to the point—with our migration to the cloud, direct access, experience and service delivery—where people actually use all of the workforce solutions we provide them, and they use them to show how people impact the business. Data should be the first thing you think about when you invest in a new technology.”

Jason emphasized how workforce insights cannot wait. Workforce analytics aren’t something we “get to” at “some point.” Instead, in 2020, workforce insights should come first on the list. When HR leaders take the time to get their data, from retention to employee satisfaction to profits and loss, they can not only measure strategy effectiveness throughout their organization, but they can also make better decision-making for years to come. 

At Verified First, we’re excited for another year of making background screens easier than ever.

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