Infographic: Tips to Addressing HR's Top Hiring Challenges

July 30, 2020 by Verified First

HR Coffee Hour_ Top challenges_FINAL

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Over the past few months, we've hosted a series of coffee hours to help hiring and recruiting professionals discuss their top challenges. Here are some of the top concerns mentioned along with some tips to overcome them.

Top Challenge #1: Recruiting

One out of seven webinar attendees mentioned recruiting talent as a top concern.

Many attendees mentioned the struggle of recruiting top talent when so many factors were still uncertain (i.e. available positions, budget, etc.). Good news! You don't have to stop recruiting during these uncertain times.

Instead, be sure to:

  • Be honest regarding the uncertainties.
  • Use this time to get your brand out there & gauge interest.
  • Develop your brand reputation, especially among the your most desired talent fields.

Top Challenge #2: Engaging & Retaining

Seventeen percent of webinar attendees shared engaging and retaining employees and volunteers as a top challenge.

The truth is: engaging & retaining talent go hand in hand. If you're struggle with either (or both) right now, you are certainly not alone! Engaging and retaining employees was a constant challenge mentioned by hiring and recruiting professionals.

To better engage talent consider:

  • Offering exciting learning and development opportunities
  • Taking advantage of an HRIS or Payroll solution that includes an employee community board or communication tool.
  • Focusing on company culture and comradeship with virtual game nights or team-building activities.

Top Challenge #3: Communicating

One in ten webinar attendees found internal communication as a sincere concern.

Communication—it's always a tough one. Now, more than ever, it's important to make sure internal communication is effective and efficient. Start by:

  • Streamlining your hiring and recruiting team by integrating your solutions.
  • Making it easy to ask questions!
  • Preparing your leadership team with questions and answers.
  • Being mindful of your voice and tone.
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