Tips on Integrating Technology into Your Hiring Process

October 20, 2019 by Verified First


How to Integrate Technology into Your Hiring Process (1)

With the right tools, technology solutions can dramatically improve your hiring process-- especially in terms of speed, candidate experience, and quality of hire. Featuring insights from the 2019 Talent Acquisition Tech Buyer’s Guide, here's what you should know when integrating technology into your hiring process.

Why you should use technology in your hiring process

According to Aptitude Research, companies that use technology when recruiting and hiring are twice as likely to improve retention, three times more likely to improve the candidate experience, and twice as likely to improve their quality of hire. Dare we say more?!

Where you can use technology

According to the 2019 TA Buyer’s Guide, the SMB market has some of the most innovative technology, but many HR leaders and organizations are unaware of the solutions available to them. There are hundreds of solutions for all phases of the hiring process, which can make it quite difficult for HR to determine where to start their tech stack.

The most critical components to a TA tech stack, however, include Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Background Screening, and Assessments-- with Screening as the base (Aptitude Research).

In a recent SHRM case study, St. Jude’s shared its personal experience with integrating tech solutions into its hiring and recruiting process. The results were evidently good. St. Jude’s focused on bettering its candidate experience by communicating with candidates via text messaging. Texting not only took less time, but it also proved a higher response from candidates. Additionally, St. Jude’s used on-demand video interviews. With their recruiters’ pre-recorded questions, this solution capability allowed allowing candidates to answer interview questions at their convenience. 

The takeaway: Even simple tech solutions can make a definite difference.

How to choose the right technology

When considering tech solutions, St. Jude’s identified its specific pain points within its hiring process. Then, its team found specific solutions to reveal those pain points. When you’re developing your TA tech stack, start with your most crucial area. Is it taking you forever to line up interviews? Are background screenings holding up your process? Perhaps you’re having a difficult time finding candidates in the first place. 

Once you realize what your biggest concerns are, start there. 

When evaluating technology solutions, consider:

  • Compatability. Will your existing tech work with the new tech?
  • Price. There’s a balance between getting what you pay for versus tech that can break your budget.
  • User experience. How easy will it be for your team to use this technology?
  • Candidate experience. Your candidates will most likely interact with this technology as well. Don’t lose candidates because of a poor solution. 

Build an implementation plan

According to McKinsey & Company, only 16% of companies said their digital transformation improved performance. This is likely due to three possible factors. First, these organizations might have chosen the wrong technology to begin with. Second, they might’ve not given enough time to notice improvement. Or, third, they might have not properly implemented the technology.

When implementing new tech solutions, work closely with your solution partner-- they’re your partner for a reason. Also, be sure to assign someone to lead and track the implementation; this way, your team can easily share their issues or concerns with someone internally. 

And remember, implementing new technology can take time and effort-- any change does.

Want to learn more about implementing technology into your recruiting and hiring process? Download the 2019 TA Tech Buyer’s Guide, written by Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research and George LaRocque of #HRWins. Available now!


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