Halfway to Halloween: Share Your Haunted Hiring Stories

June 22, 2022 by Verified First

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We’re celebrating the countdown to another beloved holiday - Halloween! Now that we’re officially halfway to Halloween, we’re inviting in the spirits of spooky hiring stories from the past to stir up another Haunted Hiring eBook! 

For the past two years, we’ve featured haunted hiring stories from HR and TA professionals, and now we want to hear from you! Got a recruiting story that’s left your spine tingling? How about a tale of onboarding that really rattles your bones? We’re ready for a fright! Submit your spooky (or strange!) hiring stories for the chance to be featured in our 2022 Haunted Hiring eBook!

Until then, check out these highlights from last year or download the guide. You’re in for a real treat.

HR’s Play

"Several years ago, I worked at a company that had a contract with the Idaho State Police (ISP). We needed to hire a maintenance tech to work at that facility. I didn't realize it at the time, but I scheduled the interview for Halloween. We had a pretty competitive dress-up contest at work that I wanted to make a splash in. So imagine how hard it was to be taken seriously (or even let on the ISP campus) dressed as Charlie Brown - with the squiggly hairline drawn on my head and all!" 

- Zach

Paranormal Work History 

"I received a resume that had "experienced fire walker" listed in her accomplishments. Her experience was in line, so I brought her in. She referenced fire walking, so naturally, I had no choice but to ask more questions! She gave us some background and then told a story of her last walk. During the walk, she felt like someone else was beside her. Afterwards, she walked to her car and went home. She said she felt like she had to go back. In the parking lot, there were footprints. She explained that it had rained, so this was amazing. She walked back to where they started and could see a very faint set of footprints next to her own that stopped after about five steps. She even broke out the video from that night and the pictures on her phone! The partner that sat in on the interview was not impressed." 

- Rachel

The Candidate

"The resort I run had a Head Housekeeper position available. Had a very productive interview and offered the person the position. The next day, I received an email asking if we have any weekly rates available because she needed a place to live. Due to start 3 days later. She emails the next day and asks to postpone the start date to the following week because they needed to move from where they were living. Emails the next day to change the start date AGAIN because she forgot needed to take her kids to school because her babysitter couldn't. The day arrives for her to start and she is a no show at the agreed upon time. An hour and a half AFTER she was due to begin, she emails to tell me she woke up to find her car had been repossessed and could I send money for her to get it so she could get to work! Ummm.....no. Needless to say, we wound up not taking her on." 

- Sheila

Hocus Pocus Work History

"I received a resume this spring from an applicant that stated in his work history that he worked at the Krusty Krab! The Krusty Krab is the restaurant on the show SpongeBob! Needless to say, when I asked him if there was a new restaurant in his city with that name, he did not respond.” 

- Terri

Submit Your Haunted Hiring Story

Help us conjure up more scary stories by submitting your own! With your haunted horror stories, this Halloween is sure to be a scream. 

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