The State of Automated Recruitment: Leveraging AI for Hiring

January 25, 2023 by Verified First

The State of Automated Recruitment: Leveraging AI for Hiring

Automated recruitment has gained popularity in the last few years,  along with digitalization and advancements in AI and machine learning. Automated hiring refers to the automation of repetitive tasks done by recruiters such as candidate sourcing, shortlisting, talent screening, interview scheduling, and much more. Modern AI capabilities provide highly accurate predictions and insights, which makes the lives of recruiters easier. 

To help us understand the power of leveraging AI for hiring, we’ve brought in our friends at CEIPAL.

Getting the Automation Right!

Simply deploying automation, however good, won't give you desired engagement and results unless strategically implemented. Strategic automation means setting the right triggers, and personalized communication that leads to increased engagement and impactful ROI. 

1. Candidate Sourcing, Screening, and Shortlisting 

The biggest challenge for most organizations is to find quality, skilled talent. While recruiters rummage through hundreds of folders and excel sheets, they create tons of duplicate profiles and easily fall into the cycle of repetitive tasks. AI-based hiring helps recruiters by automatically sorting the data relevant to the recruiter and the job. An ATS stores all the data collected from each channel. Once the data is sorted, resume screening and shortlisting takes a mere one to two minutes with AI and machine learning algorithms running in the backend.

2. Database Automation

Database automation means converting your candidate database into an easily searchable database in the ATS. Database automation saves up to 20% of recruiters’ time. The key to successfully maintaining a good candidate database is to regularly clean it up and remove duplicate profiles. Applicant Tracking Systems with AI capabilities enable the system to learn by itself, show trends, and predict candidates that are an exact match for the job profiles. 

The AI predictability and shortlisting of candidates save up to 70% of the recruiters' time and remove hiring biases. Having an up-to-date database of candidates enables recruiters to expand their talent pool and nurture them for future purposes. 

3. Job Advertising and Recruitment Marketing 

The actual work of posting each job requirement in multiple job boards is extremely time-consuming. Automating job postings through ATS systems saves recruiters a lot of time by single-clicking job postings to multiple job boards, social media sites, and career pages without any hassle. The success rate of recruitment marketing efforts is measured based on the conversion rates, time-money spent on each channel, etc. To successfully implement recruitment marketing efforts, hiring managers have to decide on candidate touchpoints with personalized and consistent communication. To do that, most organizations rely on building positive candidate relationships by automating two-way communication workflows. 

4. DEI Hiring 

Automation also helps to remove unconscious and conscious hiring biases that would have otherwise been there with completely human hiring processes. With organizations becoming more aware of diversity and inclusion, it is only natural that they are opting for automation and AI tools for each stage of hiring. 

To sum up

Automation in hiring yields positive results for the whole organization by increasing the quality of hires, enhancing the productivity of recruiters, increasing workforce diversity, enhancing candidate engagement, and producing higher ROI. Recruitment automation offers a wide array of benefits that can only enhance an organization’s recruitment performance. Adding it to AI capabilities like candidate ranking, candidate matching, and chatbot recruitment results in overall added value. 

Our partner, CEIPAL, offers a truly integrated ATS + CRM + VMS that fully automates recruitment processes and scales the business. Their cloud-based platform enables recruiters to source, shortlist, and onboard candidates. Click here to learn more!

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