HR Lessons Learned From 4 Holiday Classics

December 11, 2019 by Verified First

4 HR Lessons Learned from Holiday Classics

There’s nothing better than a good holiday movie that puts us in the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s a Hallmark movie or a classic off of Netflix, there’s always a beautiful underlying message. This year, we decided to review four of our favorite holiday classics and share what they can teach us about working in HR. 


Understand your employees’ strengths.

As soon as the movie starts, we can tell that Buddy the Elf is not a “typical” elf (if there is such a thing). While he was raised by Santa Claus in the North Pole, Buddy did not develop the same skills as the other elves. And while it’s quite entertaining to watch Buddy struggle with the jack-in-the-boxes, it’s a great reminder for us to recognize our employees’ strengths and weaknesses. When you understand your employees’ skillsets, you can better set them up for success within your organization. While Buddy the Elf struggled to build toys in the North Pole, he was great at snowball fights, decorating Christmas trees, and spreading Christmas cheer! Amplify your employees’ strengths for an even stronger company culture and workforce. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Be inclusive.

When the Grinch steals Christmas, the Whos in Whoville do two things right. First, they come together to make the best of a bad situation. They know that the most important part of the holiday season is to be together. No matter what time of year, remind your employees of the magical power of working together when things get tough. 

Second, when the Grinch comes back into town, the Whos don’t continue to ostracize him (despite his attempt to steal Christmas). Instead, they welcome him with some songs and an extravagant feast. Choose to be an inclusive organization. Inclusivity will always celebrate everyone’s strengths, forgive past mistakes, and offer a seat at the table.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Know the value of your employees.

When you think about it, Santa didn’t have that efficient of a workplace. He was sticking with what he knew works best, and he never really stopped to think about how he could improve that system until he had an emergency. But, when that frightful weather forced him to get creative, he suddenly saw Rudolph’s nose as valuable-- instead of a problem. Instead of waiting for emergencies, we should all try to be innovative with our employees. Think about each of your employees-- how are they diverse, what skills do they bring to the table, and how can you use those differences to bring out their best potential?

It’s a Wonderful Life

Remember the positives.

Working in HR can be really difficult. There’s lots of paperwork, little appreciation, and an uphill battle when it comes to recruiting. It’s a Wonderful Life is always a great reminder to stay positive and not underestimate the value you contribute to your workplace. Think about a life without HR-- recruitment and hiring would be a mess, onboarding and training would be quite scary, and paychecks would run amuck. Plus, imagine your workplace culture without your unwavering efforts. Remember: your job is crucial to your organization. And while they might not always show it, your employees are beyond grateful to have your help!

Share your holiday favorites, and let us know what you'll be watching this holiday season in the comments!

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