How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take?

April 19, 2023 by Verified First


How long does a background check take?

Background screening is an essential part of any hiring process. A lot of organizations leave this step for last in a candidate’s journey, making the time between the official offer and onboarding a crucial period in the candidate experience. 

In order for employers to make informed hiring decisions, all background checks must be conducted accurately without cutting corners or forgoing wait periods. To prevent extended wait times, Verified First has specifically introduced solutions to combat instances that could increase how long a background check can take. Check out this list of potential problems that could slow down any screening process and what we’re doing to give you back time in your hiring process.

Slow Integration Time from Screening Providers

Potential Problem: A typical screening integration can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to get started. And that’s even before a screen can be ordered! This wait time frequently stops the onboarding process in its tracks for some organizations, prohibiting a new hire from signing on to a role until their results come back. When screening providers aren’t able to quickly integrate their screening technology into an organization’s tech stack, it’s your hiring process that suffers. 

How Our Solutions Help: VF Connector 

Verified First has pioneered a way to easily integrate our screening tools into human resource and talent management tools and platforms through our patented technology. With our VF Connector, you can run hundreds of background checks, order drug tests, and more without having to leave your preferred talent acquisition solution. 

Instead of waiting 4-6 weeks to begin, VF Connector Extension can be integrated in minutes. It seamlessly connects your favorite HR solutions, ATS, CRM, Payroll, and more all in one place. With this integration, you can start streamlining your hiring process within the same day of implementation.

Responses from Past Employers 

Potential Problem: Employment verifications are a common screen that many organizations ask their candidates or new hires to provide. These checks require the individual to supply records of past employers to a screening provider for verification.

While this type of screening doesn’t go through the court systems, it can still cause delays in your screening turnaround time. If a past employer or institution doesn’t quickly respond to a screening request, extra time could be added to the process. Additionally, certain times of the year can add a longer wait time. Summer holidays or winter breaks affect response times, forcing a longer wait until after employees return to the office to submit the needed paperwork.

How Our Solutions Help: Truv

Truv is an alternate method for verifying income and employment information. Instead of waiting for a response from previous employers, Truv puts the process into the applicant’s hands.

This online solution allows applicants to verify their previous employment by logging into their previous payroll provider’s system in lieu of verbally confirming information with an individual's previous employer. Truv combats the long and stressful wait times of verifying past employment, allowing candidates to phase into their new roles faster.

Data Entry with Incomplete/Missing Information 

Potential Problem: The screening process can’t start until all information is submitted and correct. Even the smallest spelling error or misplaced digit can cause screening delays. If a candidate or employee fails to complete all of the required form sections or completes a form with misinformation, the process will return to square one. The individual will need to resubmit the required materials with the full and correct information before a screen can commence. 

How Our Solutions Help: Tacker I-9 and E-Verify

Incomplete document submissions are especially common on Form I-9. In fact, we found that 76% of paper Form I-9s have at least one error in them, voiding the use of the entire document. Errors like this are a frequent cause of ICE audits — a process that is both time-consuming and expensive.

To help negate simple errors that could add weeks of increased workloads, Verified First offers Tracker I-9 and E-Verify with the power of Mitratech. Our Tracker I-9 fully automates I-9s and securely manages deadlines and workflows remotely from one intuitive dashboard, saving hours in your hiring process. This fully encrypted, cloud-based solution ensures data protection for both you and your new and current employees. Instead of leaving Form I-9 errors up to chance, Tracker I-9 will ensure that all information is inputted before allowing a form to be submitted. 

In Conclusion

We know that in today’s talent market, speed and agility are important aspects to recruit and retain employees. That’s why Verified First’s solutions are built to save you time in your hiring process. To see how much you can save by utilizing our solutions, check out our Time to Hire Savings Calculator! 

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