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September 25, 2019 by Verified First

LinkedIn Talent Connect Preview (5)

LinkedIn’s Talent Connect conference is September 25-27th, and there’s a whole lot to look forward to! From wellness activities, Michelle Obama, and of course, exclusive insights on recruiting strategies, it’s difficult to decide which sessions to attend. Here are the ones we’re most excited about.

Better Together

LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, will host a session on LinkedIn’s experiences and discoveries from the past year. Right after, his team will speak at another session and share specific product updates. Considering the amount of time candidates and recruiters spend on LinkedIn, these two sessions aren’t worth missing. 

Michelle Obama 

The timing and details of Michelle Obama’s talk are still up in the air, but the former first lady will be speaking-- what else do we need to know?

Creating connections with your candidates through job ads

Job ads are often the first thing candidates see about your company. Sadly, they’re often bland, vague, or even exclusive. In this session, Ubisoft’s director of Talent Aquisition & Internal Mobility, Matthew Wiazowski, and content specialist, Angelica Novielli, will share how to create engaging and inclusive job ads with a variety of interactive exercises for you to practice.

Reframing employment marketing, a Googler’s perspective

When people think of a great place to work, they often think of Google. Why? Google makes the conscious effort to not only create a great culture but to use it when recruiting. Chris Malin, Head of Employment Marketing at Google, will share how you can replicate their recruitment strategies for your own company. 

Embracing disability in hiring: Lessons from a Paralympian

In the U.S., the disability employment gap is at 40 percent. This means there’s a group of overlooked, perfectly qualified candidates waiting to hear from recruiters. Paralympic gold medalist and co-founder of The Ability People, Liz Johnson, will not only share about her personal experiences, but she’ll also explore how you can embrace the talent of hiring people living with disabilities.

Beyond stoked: The power of living values wildly

Dean Carter, Patagonia’s leader of HR, will talk about his company’s culture, which goes by the mantra of “Let My People Go Surfing.” Dean has worked for a variety of Fortune 100 companies, but no other company has children playing, wetsuits laying around, and low turnover like Patagonia. In this keynote, he’ll explore how you can establish a value-led culture that lasts. 

Let’s give them something to taco bout

With a session title like this, why wouldn’t we want to go? Colleen Finnegan and Marta Riggins, leaders of Instacart’s Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing, will explain why they moved their Recruiting team into their Communications department. They’ll reveal how you can create your own “secret sauce” to attracting talent when you encourage your recruiters to work with your communications team.

What sessions are you most excited about for LinkedIn Talent Connect? Let us know!

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