Batch Screening and Rescreening: When, Why, and How

June 27, 2023 by Verified First

Batch Screening and Rescreening: When, Why, and How

If your organization is already conducting pre-employment background screening, you likely know or at least have heard of the importance of rescreening employees. Not only does rescreening employees help reduce organizational risk, but it can also help your organization stay compliant and better ensure workplace safety. 

So, why do 48% of employers still not rescreen after the initial background check? Some organizations cite cost or lack of resources, while others say it’s too complex and time-consuming. Not with our newest product update, Batch Rescreening

Let's discuss batch rescreening, how it can benefit your organization and the best way to get started with Verified First. 

What is Batch Rescreening? 

As you are probably aware, rescreening is the process of re-verifying an employee or volunteer's background after they are hired. Batch rescreening accomplishes the same goal but allows you to rescreen employees in bulk. Instead of individually rescreening each employee, with batch rescreening, you can do it in large batches, improving speed and efficiency. 

Batch Rescreening Benefits

Batch rescreening yields the same benefits as traditional ways of rescreening employees, including: 

  1. Maintain company standards
  2. Mitigate ongoing risk
  3. Stay compliant 

But batch rescreening has more benefits that could be right for your organization. Let’s explore how batch rescreening can help your organization achieve its HR goals. 

  1. Save time. By creating parameters for rescreening, you can easily select all employees that fall within your rescreening criteria. Instead of individually sorting through employees, requesting information, and then rescreening, our batch rescreening update can help effortlessly manage the entire process. 
  2. Automate your HR processes. You know automation is key to accelerating your talent acquisition and HR strategy. Batch rescreening can help streamline your background screening and rescreening processes in one place. 
  3. Improve security. Keeping your organization safe and compliant is critical. Batch rescreening with Verified First can help you manage employee and organizational risk while adhering to local and federal regulations. 

Get Started with Batch Rescreening 

The process of rescreening large batches of your employee files is effortless with our Batch Rescreening functionality. Let’s break down our process: 

  • Set rescreening parameters: You can narrow down your search using specific criteria such as date ranges, position, file owner, and a number of different cost code options.
  • Select employees: From your search criteria, our platform will create a list for you to easily select which employees you want to rescreen. 
  • Choose searches: After creating your list, you can choose which background screens you want to run on your employees, including SSN Traces, criminal searches, and more. 
  • Screening begins: Verified First takes care of the rest, including getting employee consent, gathering information, and verifying details. 

Alternatively, if you’re brand new to Verified First, you can still batch rescreen with no previous screens in our platform. To do so, you can take a CSV from your current solution or another database, upload it into the Verified First platform, and bam! Start a batch rescreen. 

It’s that simple! Let’s talk about how Verified First can help you get started with rescreening today!

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