All You Need to Know about iCIMS Inspire 2022

November 9, 2022 by Verified First

iCIMS Inspire 2022

Lead boldly – that’s the motto for iCIMS Inspire 2022, and this event is sure to do just that. On November 17th, this virtual and limited in-person conference will inspire talent and technology innovators to explore how to cultivate purpose for their organization, industry, and peers. 

This one-day conference event isn’t something you want to miss (& we’re not just saying that as a partner of iCIMS!). With industry-leading experts and discussions on industry hot topics, you’ll be sure to leave enriched. Check out our breakdown of some of the highlighted events that you can be a part of at iCIMS Inspire 2022. 

Lessons in Bold Leadership 

10:40 AM - 11:20 AM PT

The future of talent acquisition demands leaders to think differently. Join HR and talent leaders from BrightSpring Health Services, DISH Network, PSA Airlines, Pure Storage, and iCIMS to hear how they transform talent acquisition and drive organizational success through bold leadership and new approaches to attract, engage, hire and advance talent. 


Points of Discussion:

  • The future of talent acquisition
  • New strategies in hiring
  • Empowering leadership 

The Bold Move: Building a Sustainable Talent Advantage With Marketing Automation

1:30 PM - 1:50 PM PT 

The talent and labor market has drastically changed over the last decade, and candidate experience and employer brand reputation matter now more than ever. The problem? Yesterday’s tools make it difficult to build meaningful, one-to-one connections with candidates that drive awesome experiences and brand equity. 

Join iCIMS’ own Joe Essenfeld, SVP of Global Field Innovations and Andy Curlewis, Managing Director of Consulting at Cielo to learn how a leading RPO uses modern marketing automation best practices to gain a competitive advantage and help employers maximize their talent engagement and pipeline at scale.


Points of Discussion:

  • The evolution of talent and labor market 
  • Modern marketing automation practices
  • Nurturing talent engagement  

The Bold Move: Prioritizing the Employee Career Journey 

2:40 PM to 3:10 PM PT 

Employees are speaking up – they want more career opportunities. While talent mobility isn't a new concept, the lack of ownership and absent strategy on how to connect with your internal talent pools intensifies with issues like "quiet quitting" and burnout. Now is the time to get clear on ownership, inspire from within, and deliver on career advancement. 

Join this session to learn why talent acquisition and talent management teams need to collaborate and what steps to take toward making employee growth, not just a promise but a reality.


Points of Discussion:

  • Employee growth and development
  • Career road mapping 
  • Empowering employees

Disrupting Talent: New Rules, New Games and New Engagement

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM PT

In this talk, Dee C. Marshall, a global thought leader in business and go-to strategist will provide insight into the state of talent acquisition and the new rules of engagement after the worldwide disruption. As a former coach, she will call the plays on how to score in this market, including emerging trends, hot topics, and how to re-engage with a new playbook. Everything you thought you knew about talent is challenged or canceled and ripe for you to be the change and bring something new.


Points of Discussion:

  • Insight into talent acquisition best practices
  • Emerging trends in the hiring market
  • Re-engaging with a new playbook 

In Conclusion

Don’t wait to sign up for iCIMS Inspire 2022! As a trusted partner of Verified First, we know that iCIMS will deliver an educational experience that will inspire new ways of thinking going into the new year. Check out how you can be a part of the experience, today! 

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