7 Reasons Why We're Thankful for Recruiters

November 19, 2018 by Verified First

It’s the season to be grateful, and recruiters are too often the unsung heroes within an organization. From job description to offer letter, recruiters make hiring a new candidate seem near effortless, even though we all know it’s not! Here are seven reasons why we’re grateful for recruiters.

1. They're the first friendly face of the company

From the very first screening interview, recruiters are the main point of contact between your candidate and your company. This can be a lot of pressure for recruiters, but they maintain a level of grace and friendliness, which keeps the candidates interested in working for your company. This is particularly important because  four out of five candidates think that the way a company treats them during the hiring process is an indicator of how the company treats its employees.

2. They know what attracts great talent

Recruiters are in charge of making your company attractive in the first place, and this is much easier said than done. Recruiters help create the perfect job descriptions, they know where to market their company’s openings, and they connect employers with the ideal candidatesAll of this work means that not only do recruiters get lots of applications for your openings, they get quality candidates.

3. They can find a needle in a haystack

Recruiters do the rough work of going through resumes and cover letters. According to SHRM, the average number of applications received per job opening is 36.  The recruiter’s time spent manually reviewing all the applications is reduced when they work closely with the hiring manager up front to understand what they’re looking for in a candidate - either way, still a significant undertaking.

4. They bring us our amazing coworkers

Something that people don’t always think about when hiring someone new is that candidates are potential coworkers. Recruiters help find people who are as good of a culture fit as they are qualified. This way, from day one, your team has a new coworker who will be good at their job as well as pleasant to work with. A bad fit is a bad hire and costs an average of $9,000 per day according to the Harvard Business Review.

5. They never stop searching for the right fit

Sometimes, recruiters are a much-needed dose of reality for candidates who seem perfect. They can connect when a resume doesn’t quite make sense, and weed out any obvious falsehoods- a critical need as 3 out 4 HR managers reporting they’ve caught a lie on a resume. Then, further along the hiring process, recruiters conduct background screenings on finalists. These background screenings will determine whether a candidate told the truth in their resume.

6. They know what it takes to seal the deal

Because recruiters are the main point of contact for candidates, they’re usually in charge of offering jobs to chosen candidates. After all the interviews are said and done, it's their role to convince great talent to join your company. Making an offer is stressful because the candidate is no longer the one trying to impress the company-- the roles are now reversed.

7. They take on the difficult conversations

So you’ve found the perfect candidate, and they’ve agreed to take the job! The last step is negotiating pay. This is always a bit uncomfortable for both parties to navigate, but recruiters do the work of ensuring the new candidate is paid fairly, but not excessively.

We can’t thank recruiters enough for all their work, and our goal is to make their lives as easy as possible. Check out our background screening services that will take the stress out of recruiting.

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