Keeping Your Candidate Experience Consistent During Technology Changes: K1 and Jobvite Acquisitions

February 19, 2019 by Verified First

Keeping Your Candidate Experience Consistent During Technology Changes: K1 and Jobvite Acquisitions

A recent report by Aptitude Research Partners found that 73 percent of recruiters said their top priority is to create a consistent candidate experience. This is a smart strategy, since candidates are more likely to feel positive about a company when they know what to expect throughout the hiring process. But as we’ve all seen in the HR industry, change is inevitable. With high-impact industry changes like K1 Investment Management acquiring Jobvite, RolePoint, Talemetry, and Canvas for a whopping $200 million, consistency is a difficult goal to achieve. Here are five ways you can keep your candidate experience consistent in the midst of technology changes.

Tighten your company’s internal processes

As a candidate goes through the hiring process, they will go through several rounds of interacting with different people at your company. From submitting an application to onsite interview, there are a lot of moving pieces involved and inconsistencies are bound to appear between these handoffs. Make sure that the communication within your recruiting team and with hiring managers is stronger than ever, so that no candidates slip through the cracks. This means meeting to discuss how each team member uses technology, what problems they’re encountering, and how to effectively transition your candidate through the various platforms your company uses.

Regularly assess your software and take action

While you have these meetings with your team, you might start to see gaps between your software or in the programs you use. For gaps between software programs, there are often additional programs that can fill that gap. If there are gaps within the software, it might be a good time to assess if there’s a similar software program that can fit your company’s needs. While assessing your software, candidate consistency is key. Make sure that when your candidate has to interact with your software programs, the experience feels cohesive. The more of your company’s branding that you can use throughout software programs, the better!

Find technology that integrates with each other

In light of the acquisition news, you may find yourself rethinking your current automation and tech solutions. As you’re researching new options on the market, you’ll want to consider how they work with other HR technologies. If you have a great software program, but it doesn’t sync with any of your other programs, your recruiting team will spend valuable time trying to transfer candidate data-- at the risk of human error. This slows down your time to hire as well as decreases consistency for the candidate. For the background screening component, VerifiedFirst has award-winning integration technology that plays nicely with more than 100 HR software programs.

Communicate with your service providers

In general, candidate consistency improves when recruiters have the ability to ask questions and troubleshoot with their HR software companies. During technology changes, a good software company will keep you updated on how any technology changes might affect you. They should take the initiative to explain changes to you, and they should be available to answer your questions in an honest and timely manner. ​

Use data for your decisions

During the chaos of hiring and the added stress of changing technology, it’s particularly important to go back to the basics of data during your hiring process. With all of your final candidates, background checks deliver fact based and objective information that add clarity to your hiring decision. Verified First's in-house, Boise-based, client care center prides itself in always being available to answer questions, to keep your work calm, collected, and consistent.

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