5 Reasons Why You Should Connect Your Screening & ATS Solutions

February 13, 2020 by Verified First

5 Reasons Why You Should Connect Your Screening & ATS Solutions

There shouldn’t be too much mystery around the power of background screening and the benefits of an applicant tracking system (ATS). Background checks keep companies safe, while applicant tracking systems keep recruiters sane— right?! But, what’s often less talked about is the fact that when your applicant tracking system and background screening solutions work together, those benefits multiply. Here are five reasons why you should connect your background screening solution with your applicant tracking system.

Connect for Faster Time to Hire

Faster time to hire— who doesn’t want some of that? According to the 2020 Applicant Tracking System Buyer’s Guide by Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research & George LaRocque of HRWins, 60% of SMBs use an applicant tracking system, and 80% of SMBs conduct background screens during their hiring process. When you unite these two hiring solutions, you not only get a dynamic duo, but you ultimately get a faster time to hire. There’s no duplicate data entry, candidates respond faster, and your team can work more efficiently and quickly. 

Streamline Your Hiring Process by Connecting

Let’s talk about Star Wars for a second. C-3PO and R2D2— they’re best friends who work together to help save the galaxy time and time again, right? While C-3PO is a master at storing and tracking information and data and protecting it all cost, R2D2 has the power to scan, report, and deliver speedy results— you get where we’re going with this? Like this Star Wars duo, your ATS platform and screening solution can be a dynamic duo, too! Connecting the two solutions can not only simplify your screening process, but it ultimately streamlines the heck out of it. By connecting your ATS solution, like JazzHR with Verified First, you can track the progress of your orders, order new screens, and so on. 

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Stronger Data Security

Last year there were more than five thousand data breaches, resulting in 7.9 billion records exposed— 7.9 billion! Background checks involve the most sensitive information of individuals, including social security numbers, past employment, residential information, and contact information. It’s absolutely crucial that this information stays secure, and if global corporations like Amazon, Facebook, and Marriott can have data leaks, your company can too. Luckily, when you connect your screening and ATS solutions, you minimize the risk of data leaks by keeping all of that sensitive data in one place. 

One Less Password

Say it with us: one less password! The dream we all wish for is truly available by integrating your background screening solution with your ATS solution. We know how exhausting it can be to have a password for every. single. platform. According to the Ponemon Institute, people spent an average of 12.6 minutes each week entering or resetting their passwords in 2019— 12.6 minutes a week on password re-entry is 12.6 minutes less you have focusing on your people, your candidates, and, even, yourself. Luckily, when you connect, you’re one step close to a streamlined hiring process with one less password.

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Smarter Hiring Decisions

We said it above, and we’ll say it again: Companies that invest in background screening are three times more likely to increase quality of hire (Aptitude Research). That’s because while applicant tracking systems are mostly about the ease of hiring, background screens are ultimately about the quality of hire. When you pair ease with quality, you get speed, giving you the extra time you need to think critically about your hiring choices.

Find the Dream Team 

Nearly 50% of SMB companies are dissatisfied with their primary ATS, and background screening solutions were cited as the top replacement need in 2019. An connection between applicant tracking systems and background screening systems only works as well as the two solutions do alone. So, let’s talk about a dream team— and we’re not talking about the 1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team. We’re talking about Verified First and JazzHR. While JazzHR handles the entire hiring process from sourcing to the offer letter, the VF integration allows simply screening orders and tracking all within JazzHR’s platform. Learn more about this dream team, today!

Want to learn more about finding your perfect ATS solution? Check out the 2020 Applicant Tracking System Buyer’s Guide, written by industry-leading analysts Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research & George LaRocque of HRWins.

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